Recipes with fennel: the tastiest recipes for appetizers, first courses, main courses and side dishes based on fennel!

The recipes with fennel, one better than the other, are many in our culinary tradition: fennel, in fact, are among the most popular vegetables of Mediterranean cuisine. Their benefits are many, starting from their digestive properties. case, especially in Central and Southern Italy, it is customary to consume raw fennel after a meal. They help eliminate intestinal gas and purify the body, plus they provide our body with minerals such as potassium, vitamins A, C and B and flavonoids .

While not all fennel recipes are dietary, fennel itself has very few calories and, even if you are on a diet, you can eat plenty of them! Here are some original ideas for recipes with fennel, from appetizers to side dishes, from first courses to second courses: let yourself be inspired!

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Recipes with fennel for appetizers

Are you looking for recipes with fennel for original and light appetizers? Here are some ideas! If you particularly like fish, an excellent appetizer with fennel could be an exquisite carpaccio of tuna, tapenade and fennel. Preparing it is simple: for the tapenade you just need to blend together black olives, anchovy fillets, oil and capers, while for the salad, thinly slice the fennel hearts and add chives, then season with lime juice, vinegar, oil. , salt and pepper Sprinkle the thin slices of fresh tuna with the tapenade and accompany with the salad. Refined and delicate!

Another "simple but effective" idea for a fennel-based appetizer is a "salad with fennel and pink grapefruit." Prepare the thinly sliced ​​grapefruit, fennel and celery wedges in a bowl, then season with lemon juice, oil, chopped mint, salt and pepper. Easy, right?

Or you could make a fennel cream with artichokes! Cut the fennel into chunks, brown them in a pan with a potato and a bay leaf and let them cook for about twenty minutes. Blend everything and then pour it on crispy artichokes that you will have fried after passing them in flour. A real goodness!

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First courses: recipes with fennel

There are many first courses with fennel as the main ingredient. You could propose, for example, an excellent fennel risotto! To prepare it, cut a fennel into thin slices and brown it in a sautéed onion, with a little white wine to blend, then add the rice and cook it with the broth. To be stirred with Parmesan and cream.

More original is the pasta with sardines and wild fennel, a real goodness! Boil the fennel in salted water, chop and fry them together with chopped shallots, anchovies, pine nuts, chilli, parsley, raisins, oil and sardines. Prepare the spaghetti and add to the sauce, then cover everything with breadcrumbs and bake for about ten minutes.

If you are looking for a recipe for a super-light main course, you could opt for a cream of fennel and cabbage! Make the cabbage into thin slices and let it cook, then add the fennel that you have already boiled. Blend everything and accompany it with walnut bread cut into cubes and toasted!

Second courses based on fennel: the best recipes

Among the recipes with fennel for a light and original second course (which can also act as an appetizer if desired) we propose that of chef Massimo Moroni: sea bass marinated with citrus fruits. To make it, cut the sea bass into slices and marinate in lemon juice. Season it with salt, pepper and oil, then cook some julienned orange zest. Cut the fennel very thin and season with salt, pepper and oil. Line the single-portion molds with the sea bass slices and fill with the remaining salads and fish slices. Finally, remove the fish from the molds and decorate with fennel and oranges. Here is the complete video-recipe:

Another excellent second course with fennel is the goat's vegetable puff pastry: cut fennel, carrot and courgette into thin slices, arrange them in a basket and steam. Whip the cheese with some wine to create a creamy mixture. Mix with chopped walnuts, bay leaves and chives. Create your pastry by alternating layers of vegetables and cheese. What a delight!

Finally, why not cook Mediterranean fennel: just clean some fennel hearts, cut them into wedges and put them in boiling water. Chop the onion with dried tomatoes and capers and fry in a pan, then add the drained fennel. Wet with white wine and cook over low heat, then add chopped parsley.

Ideas and recipes for side dishes based on fennel

Fennel are ideal for a good side dish. Here are some recipes to cook them best as an accompaniment on your table! Fennel with saffron are undoubtedly excellent, a very light and tasty dish. Just clean and cut the fennel into wedges, fry an onion in a pan and let the fennel flavor, blending with white wine. Wet with hot broth and let it cook with the lid on for about twenty minutes, then add a sachet of saffron dissolved in the broth.

Equally delicious are the gratinated fennel with milk. Cut the fennel into thin wedges and then brown them in an ovenproof dish with a little butter. Add some milk and bring to a boil, then let it cook until the liquid dries. Sprinkle the fennel with Parmesan cheese and flaked butter and brown in the oven. Good and light!

Finally, you could make some spiced fennel in the oven. Cut the fennel into thin wedges, soak them with water and lemon. Dilute the curry with vegetable broth in a saucepan, add cloves and pepper and boil. Meanwhile, melt some butter in a baking dish and arrange the fennel by adding a little sage. Pour in the spiced broth and bake!

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