70 years later, a WWII veteran finds the woman of his life (video and photos)

A happy ending the way we like it: this is proof that time has no value when it comes to feelings. 70 years after their first meeting, two lovers have finally found each other.
1944. Norwood Thomas is 21 years old, an American paratrooper sent to London to fight against the Nazis. A few days after landing he meets Joyce Durrant, 17, and falls madly in love with her. The war ends, he has to go home and she stays in England. The correspondence is very dense until Joyce, due to a misunderstanding, stops writing to him: he thought that Norwood had met "another woman."

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Their story could have stopped here, each continues to live their life preserving the memory of the other. Joyce took the surname of her husband, Morris, from whom she divorced 30 years ago but cannot forget Norwood: that's why he asks his children for help to find him. They find the article in a local newspaper, the Virginian Pilot, which tells of Norwood's parachute jump on his 88th birthday. The two manage to find each other and to video call each other on Skype, after a two-hour long chat they decide to meet again.

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It was "thanks to" the intervention of readers, moved by this touching story, that Norwood's trip was able to be financed. Now he is in Australia and will stay there for 2 weeks: "And" the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me ", commented the skydiver.

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