Bright makeup: here are the secrets for a sunny look

Light, warmth and color are the keywords of spring, especially in terms of fashion and beauty!
The colors of the enamel become more and more clear and brilliant, the jackets are lighter, the sunglasses are back as protagonists and the hair becomes lighter.

And the trick?
Even the make-up changes with the first rays of the sun.
Find out how and what are the secrets for a sunny and bright look!

Change starts from the ground up!

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If there is something that has no seasons, that is hydration!
The first step to a flawless look, regardless of the climate, is to care for and moisturize your skin in the morning and in the evening before going to bed, after a thorough cleansing!

In spring and summer, make sure that the face cream you use has a UV protection factor.
If you have normal skin, a 20 protection will be fine, but if you are prone to sunburn, go for a higher factor!

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Furthermore, the use of foundation begins to decrease: first of all because it is hotter and not everyone can stand it and then because if you have beautiful skin, a little sun will be enough to make it perfect!
Choose a light and illuminating foundation that makes your skin radiant in seconds.

Also focus on illuminating blushes and bronzers, preferably liquid: they will give your face a fresher look, even at the end of the day and will not dry out like powdered ones.

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Play with natural light


The sun is a great ally for your beauty.
Don't forget to keep an illuminating stick in your bag, it will be your secret weapon for a quick refresh of your make-up.
Even on bad days, when you really don't want to wear make-up, just a stroke of mascara and a touch of illuminator in the inner corner of the eye will give light and freshness to your eyes.
two products to immediately look more awake and made up.

Use the highlighter on the upper lip, cheekbones, T-zone and the arch of the eyebrows.
The sun's rays will do the magic and capture the light, reflecting on your face!

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For the eye make-up, focus on earth tones, strictly metallic!
Gold, bronze, copper, hazelnut, choose the nuances you prefer and have fun catching the sun's rays with your eyes.
Metallic eyeshadows have a big advantage: you can apply them directly with your fingers for a light and bright smokey that lasts all day.


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And the lips?


After a winter of matte lipsticks and often dry lips, for spring, focus on lipsticks with a shiny or glossy finish.
Your lips will look (and really will be) more hydrated and inviting. Focus on light and bright colors: nude pink, berry, bright reds, coral for a bright and sexy look!

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