Test: what Harry Potter character are you based on your zodiac sign?

"After all this time? Always". That's right, despite the fact that years have passed since the last Harry Potter film, the adventures of the boy from the basement and his friends will never tire us! Each character passed through the corridors of Hogwarts has very specific characteristics, which lead each of them to a zodiac sign. See now which character you share the same horoscope with, and toast to the stars with one of these themed drinks!

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Philosopher's Stone: history and properties of the elixir of life in the Harry Potter saga Harry Potter

Cheers! Once the effect of the Polyjuice potion is gone, you are ready to find out which Harry Potter character looks the most like you based on your zodiac sign!

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Are you satisfied with the result? If you still can't get enough of Elderberry sticks and talking hats, here's another test that's right for you! Find out immediately what professor you would be if you taught within the walls of Hogwarts.

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