Dreaming of being shot by someone - what does it mean according to the interpretation of dreams?

Dreaming of being shot is not at all rare: it is in fact a rather common dream, which can have more than one "interpretation. Dreaming of being shot by someone (whether it is a person you know or not) and being killed is not certain. pleasant, but you will be surprised to discover that this dream can also take on positive meanings! Here are all the possible interpretations (and even the corresponding lotto numbers).

What does it mean to dream of being shot by someone?

Dreaming of being shot by someone, whether you end up being killed or not, certainly represents a nightmare rather than a dream! Being shot with a gun refers to a fight lived in real life, which can be fought against another. person in particular or even, more simply, with themselves.

Dreams, in fact, always refer to conflicts experienced in our unconscious: their interpretation must take into account the tensions, anxieties and fears that we are experiencing at that particular moment in real life or that could distress us in the near future.

Dreaming of being shot by a person is a way to represent the conflict we are experiencing and, in this way, to exorcise it, freeing us from a bit of tension. If in the dream you are shot by a person you really know in real life, you don't it necessarily means that we are experiencing the conflict with her: that person can be an "incarnation of an aspect of yourself that you are clashing with."

If, for example, you happen to dream of being shot by a "friend who embodies perfect professional success for you, it does not mean that you have it with her in real life or she is with you, but that maybe you don't feel like it." satisfied with the results you have achieved in your career. So be careful: dreaming of being shot or killed by someone can have a wider meaning than you think, and must push you to ask questions about yourself before others!

In some cases, however, dreaming of being shot by a person - perhaps from behind - can mean that in fact we felt betrayed by that person himself, that he disappointed us and that we have lost faith in him. If the gunshot in the dream has even killed us, it means that the wound that this person has inflicted on us is "deadly", a deadly disappointment that pushes us to put an end to that relationship. The pain that that person caused us in real life is so strong that it hurts even in dreams.

But the possibilities of interpretation of this dream do not end there! Dreaming of being shot by someone can also mean that in real life we ​​experience a great sense of guilt towards this someone. Dreaming of being killed by that person somehow represents the fact that we feel we deserve it because we know we have hurt him in turn.

If in the dream, after receiving the gunshot, you do not happen to be killed, but you even heal, it means that you have experienced a moment of crisis or intense pain, from which, however, we are recovering, or that in any case we are enough. strong enough to be able to overcome it soon.

What does it mean, however, if in dreams you can dodge gun shots? Simply that you have all the ability to overcome a difficulty that we are currently experiencing. If, on the other hand, one only dreams of running away because haunted by gun shots, the interpretation can be linked to a depressive state, or in any case to a moment of anxiety and personal insecurity.

Finally, let's not forget that according to the dream book the gun (like all firearms) is a "phallic image, and is therefore linked to male sexuality. Dreaming of being shot by a male person could allude to a sexual desire." in his regards.

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Dreaming of being shot by a person: when the dream has a "positive interpretation

But dreaming of being shot does not necessarily have a "negative interpretation, on the contrary! If in the dream the shooting of the gun does not cause us pain or particular fear, it means that it simply represents a change in our life, which is already taking place or will take place. in the next future.

In this case, the gunshot represents a particular event, a person who came out of nowhere in your life or a new job offer, which comes to upset your existence as it had been up to that moment. Dreaming of being shot therefore implies a change and changes are always positive because they lead you to grow!

The change evoked in dreams of this kind can have a different nature: it can be a move or the arrival of a child, anything that makes you feel upset, but certainly not sad and painful. So interpret the dream as a new, beautiful one. challenge!

If you believe that this is the interpretation of the dream for you, pay close attention also to the people who are present in the dream scene, because in some way they could have to do or be involved in the change you are experiencing or that you will soon experience! Furthermore, if you dream of being killed by the gunshot it will mean that change is imminent; if instead you are simply injured, it may mean that the transition period will last a little longer. "

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Dreaming of being shot in the head, back or other parts of the body - what does it mean?

Dreaming of being shot at a specific part of the body can have a particular meaning. Dreaming of being shot in the back, for example, means that you have experienced a betrayal, you have felt cheated by the person with the gun.

In other cases, however, the pain that you dream of living in our nightmare has to do with a pain that you are really feeling during the night: if you dream of being shot in the head or in the leg it can mean that you are suffering from headaches or having a leg cramp while we were asleep ... no psychological interpretation, in short!

Interpretation of the dream according to the Neapolitan grimace: the corresponding lotto numbers

Finally, for those who enjoy finding the interpretation of the lotto numbers according to the Neapolitan grimace, we point out that dreaming of being shot corresponds to the number 71. Dreaming of being hit by a weapon in the broad sense (not necessarily a gun) corresponds at number 63. If, on the other hand, you dream of shooting someone in the first person, the lotto numbers to bet on are 70 and 72. Finally, the gun corresponds to the number 76.

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