13 things that always happen to you with a new pair of heels

A new pair of heels is the way we have to pamper ourselves, but the pain of the first few times we wear them, where do you put it? If you're lucky it will only cause a few heel injuries, swelling and pain in your feet for several days.

In short, there are mandatory steps when we buy and wear our new pair of heels. Let's be brave and face them together.

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1. You look at them from the window, they are beautiful. It's love!

There are shoes that are created to be bought - by you - that are uncomfortable and have a disproportionate price, it doesn't matter.

2. You have to show them to all your friends

As soon as you try them, take a picture and post it on Instagram. At the 20th little heart you convince yourself and buy them.

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3. You're wearing them out of the house for the first time

You've paired your new heels with a beautiful dress, clutch bag, and your make-up is fabulous. Give me space, I'm on my way!

4. So far so good, you are gorgeous and everyone compliments you on your shoes

"Oh my God where did you get them?" "It must have cost a fortune!" "How good you are at walking on those stilts" ...

5. Okay, walking in these heels is harder than you expected

"Are the shoes not made for walking? Ok these are a bit high ... but until I fall smoothly, I can resist (please don't fall, please don't fall!)".

6. You come home and notice the first scratch ...

No!!!! You immediately start looking on the web for all possible ways to fix it, and in the meantime you wonder why you didn't use that blessed protective spray that the clerk wanted to give you.

7. Then when you take them off you discover that this has happened ...

And to think they should make you feel nice ...

© MeLikeNurgezgan

8. And the next morning it's even worse ...

You didn't know legs could hurt in so many different places. And let's not even talk about blisters.

9. Okay, a few patches and you're ready again

Here they are your inseparable friends: the Compeed. Spend a fortune at the pharmacy, put them in strategic places and you are ready for a new adventure.

10. Plan your day around your shoes

You have to walk only 5 minutes from the car to the office. Then there is the route every few hours to the ladies' room, but it is short, not counting the coffee break. You can do it, yes you can do it.

© Stylish Board

11. Not only do they hurt badly, but you discover that your colleague is wearing the same model as you ... now!

At least you bought them before, see it like this. Of course she doesn't seem to suffer in the least, indeed she looks like a model on the catwalk, but don't pay attention to it.

12. Ok you're pissed off: you never want to see them again!

Not only did they hurt you, now they're making you bleed and every step feels like a stab. Enough, throw them in your closet, after all, so you are sure you will never see them again. Tomorrow's mission will be to buy a comfortable and functional pair, maybe slippers.

13. Are you crazy? They are too beautiful and cost too much to leave them in the closet

If you want to look beautiful ... and then the next time you want to look beautiful you will wear them, and how if you will wear them! And that day, friend, you will also find that they have become familiar with your foot and will hurt even less.

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