What to do before getting pregnant: tips and advice for having a baby

Would you like to have a baby, do you really want to and ask yourself a lot of questions, like: how to know what are the right days to get pregnant? What rules of prudence to adopt? How to increase the chances of conception happening?

With our advice you will remove some doubts and understand if it is really time to become a mother.

What to do before getting pregnant: evaluate the key factors

We listen, first of all, to the advice of a doctor and then we evaluate the factors:

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The age - Fertility is maximum around the age of 25. It progressively decreases from the age of 26, then collapses towards the age of 38. However, Dr Goupil-Rousseau points out that this trend varies a lot from woman to woman. So if some 38-year-old women are already in menopause, others can have a child even at 45.

Weight - Anorexia causes infertility. But even ten extra pounds or a significant change in weight ("yo-yo" effect) can cause ovulation disorders.

The hygiene of life - Smoking and alcohol cause "bad quality" ovulation. They also have a negative effect on the manufacture of spermatozoa. Tell the future dad!
The stress - Stress harms ovulation, or even blocks it. In fact, the ovaries are controlled by the pituitary gland, a gland directly linked to brain functioning.

Medicines - If you wish to become pregnant and are undergoing medical treatment: beware! Ask your doctor for advice, who will tell you if your treatment is harmless or not.During the embryonic period, that is in the first three months of pregnancy, the main organs of the baby are formed and the "intake of medicines" can also be very dangerous.

The right days to get pregnant

To conceive a baby you have to make love (without contraception of course), on the right days, ie during the fertile period. This period corresponds to ovulation, which depends on the length of the cycle. In a normal cycle of 28 days, ovulation has place about the fourteenth day; in a long cycle of 35 days, ovulation occurs around the twenty-first day. Fertilization can take place in the days preceding ovulation and in the 24 hours that follow.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant during those days?

In a fertile couple, the percentage of conception per cycle is 25%. In other words, even if you make love when you are most fertile, you only have a one in four chance of getting pregnant.
So the password is: patience! Only one in four couples conceive a child the month after they stop using the contraceptive, and 2/3 within 6 months. Much depends on the case.

How to tell if you got pregnant

Your period is late and you can't think of anything else. Are you or are you not pregnant? The best way to dispel any doubts is to take a pregnancy test, of course. But in the meantime, listen to your body, even though the symptoms may vary from one woman to another:

- the breasts are swollen and tight
- certain smells bother you
- you're nauseous
- you are more sensitive than usual.

But beware, you can be pregnant even without having any of these symptoms, which will appear later.

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How to increase the chances of getting pregnant

Obviously there are no precise rules: there is no recipe for getting pregnant as soon as possible. Even putting upside down doing the handstand does not promote conception, but only a pain in the neck.

According to research published in Fertility and Sterility, however, not only should you have intercourse during your fertile days, but also when you are not fertile. A contradiction? No, on the contrary: the study claims that close encounters at other times of the month could favor conception because in doing so the immune system of the future mother is strengthened and the message she receives is what it is time to have a baby! Doing so could increase the chances of getting pregnant.
There are no certainties, but trying doesn't hurt ...

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Are you ready to get pregnant?

Now that you know how to get pregnant, what to avoid to increase your chances and what to do to promote conception, we invite you to take this test to see if you are truly ready to have a baby!

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