Autumn melancholy and sad look? Not for me!

Does returning from vacation make you feel sad? Does the arrival of the first cold weather and shorter days affect your mood and do you feel more melancholy than usual? It is a rather normal consequence, after all relaxation, sun, long days have the power to unleash our serotonin and to make us more euphoric and carefree.

So how to remedy if the mirror gives us a "sad image and a look that looks like that of a beaten dog?"

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First of all you can act from the inside, taking better care of your diet so that the substances that are decisive for a good mood are not lacking. Eggs, cod, pumpkin seeds, aged cheeses, chicken and bitter cocoa, for example, increase insulin which helps in a way indirectly to increase serotonin, and this finally makes us feel good.

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Magnesium can also help you easily overcome states of malaise, anxiety, melancholy, so go ahead to all foods that contain it or to specific supplements.

Bye bye grayness and sad look

There is also another way to face your sad and dejected gaze. Do you know that even vertical wrinkles tend to emphasize this expression?

Over time, two types of wrinkles appear on the face. Horizontal ones, also called happiness wrinkles, such as crow's feet, are often associated with a smiling face, and therefore have a positive connotation, even if you can't stand them at all!

Vertical wrinkles, on the other hand, are formed by the contraction of the muscles of the face or by the effect of gravity, appear later and generally refer to a "more negative image: they are in fact considered responsible for that sad, worried and stressed air that many women realize they have.

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Vertical wrinkles are often deep and therefore difficult to correct. However, you can find an excellent remedy in plumping cosmetics, which redensify the skin and reposition the lost volumes by exploiting the properties of active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and retinol. An example? The new Revitalift Day of L "Oréal Paris.

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It is a daily treatment enriched with Pro-Retinol A and Stimulift, powerful active ingredients selected for their effectiveness, to accelerate skin regeneration, and fight against wrinkles and loss of tone.
In particular, Pro-Retinol A stimulates skin regeneration to renew the epidermis and reduce the signs of aging, while the Stimulift de L’Oréal technology is designed to act in the various layers of the skin, plumping it from the inside.

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