Drink water even in winter: 8 tricks to stimulate thirst in cold weather!

Yes, we know, drinking water in winter is not easy, indeed, in most of the times, we literally have to force ourselves to introduce minimal quantities of water into our body, and what an effort! Yet, drinking at least two liters of water a day is essential for our psychophysical balance. Lack of hydration can cause a lot of discomfort, including fatigue, headache, bad mood, dry skin that tightens and tends to crack. In fact, water is essential to eliminate toxins, deflate and purify our body, as well as play a central role in the loss of extra pounds. But how can we do to drink a little more during the cold season? Here are 8 little tricks you can easily use to stimulate thirst in winter!

1. Start with a glass of warm water and lemon!

The mix of water and lemon is a real cure-all for the body. It has detox properties, helps to deflate and fights acidity. As soon as you wake up, before leaving the house, get into the habit of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon: it is not necessary to drink a liter, even a small amount is enough! You can also add ginger, which is great for its draining and digestive properties. Remember that it does not replace breakfast, but it is a small gesture with a thousand benefits that will make you start the day in the best way.

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2. Tea and herbal teas: the best alternatives to water!

Grab your favorite cup and fill it with tea and herbal teas throughout the day. Both are a great way to entice you to drink with ease and are a true wintertime treat that delights both the palate and the sense of smell. Choose the infusions you prefer and let yourself be inspired by the most varied tastes and flavors to make everything more lively and fun. Plus it's a great way to take breaks and enjoy relaxing micro-moments all to yourself. A little warning: remember not to sugar them, otherwise the many draining and purifying benefits they enjoy would be nullified!

3. Don't keep the water in the fridge!

A very simple trick to entice you to drink more during the cold season is to keep the bottle of still water out of the refrigerator. The famous "room temperature" is a much more inviting stimulus when temperatures are close to freezing.

4. Consume a small square of fudge (from time to time)

And now, a note of pleasure that you will certainly appreciate! Give yourself, from time to time, a small square of dark chocolate, which in addition to being good for you - it is in fact an excellent antioxidant - and to put you in a good mood, will stimulate the desire for thirst. Don't overdo it though!

5. Keep a bottle of plain water close at hand

Another easy, easy trick: keep a bottle of water on your desk or close at hand. Seeing it will remind you that you have a mission: to drink! You will be even more enticed precisely because it will always be under your eyes.

6. Include at least 4-5 servings of soups and creams in your weekly diet

Even soups, velvety and minestrone are a great way to promote the hydration of the body in the winter.In fact, they can be considered valid substitutes for water, or at least excellent helpers. During the cold season it is easier to feel the need for a nice warm and comfortable meal: why not introduce a nice soup in some of your weekly dinners? They are the perfect meal for colder temperatures: they warm up, help detoxify the body and keep it hydrated. Here is a perfect example of soup, very suitable for one of your winter evenings, to be enjoyed on the warm sofa in front of your favorite series!

7. Indulge in slightly spicier meals

Choosing slightly spicy dishes with a spicier taste from time to time will be useful for two reasons: firstly, it will allow you to reduce the use of salt - definitely unhealthy for our body - and then you will more easily stimulate the sense of So indulge in a little experimentation in the kitchen with exotic dishes and fragrant spices and give vent to your creativity to have some fun in the kitchen for a good cause.

8. Remember that you can also drink while eating: choose foods rich in water!

Water is also contained in a particular way in some foods with a strong diuretic power, which stimulate the elimination of toxins in the body and help it stay hydrated. To guarantee your body the right amount of water even in winter, you can increase the consumption of foods particularly rich in water and with detox properties, including artichokes, cucumbers, celery and fennel, lettuce and chicory, red vegetables - such as radishes and tomatoes - pumpkin, radicchio and oranges and grapefruits.

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