Fall winter 2017 fashion: 9 trends you won't be able to say no to!

Fall winter 2017-18 fashion takes up some dictates of spring and summer, to see them in a new perspective: the shades of red darken, as well as the floral prints. Denim takes the place of light summer fabrics, but ruffles and ruffles remain even when the temperatures cool down. There is no lack of references to the past with lines and shapes that refer to the '70s, with palazzo or flared trousers, or the' 80s with wide straps and wide sleeves. The 90s, indisputable protagonists since last winter, are not denied even in the collections of next autumn winter offering real must-haves!
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1. Vintage references for autumn winter 2017 fashion: the sock boot

You never get tired of shapes and lines that come from the past and are reinvented with a new and modern twist. Fall / winter 2017-18 fashion proposes the free style of the 70s with a cult: the palazzo trousers, renewing them with minimal tones and textures. There is no shortage of light shirts, with floral prints, ruffles and floating hippie-style ruffles, for those who loves a boho chic and refined look. The 80s, on the other hand, are revived by updating with more delicate and less excessive shapes in light chemisiers, in bright colors, with deep necklines and rounded straps. But it is from the 90s that a truly cult piece arrives, the next must have of the autumn winter season: the elasticated sock boot, with different heels, both stiletto and square, and bright and super cool colors!

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© Mango Vintage autumn winter fashion

2. Fall winter 2017 18 fashion proposes an "icon: palazzo pants

Elegant, refined, androgynous: palazzo trousers are a true cult that comes straight from the '70s, a period in which elegant men's suits also had this line, as did jeans. Palazzo trousers are very versatile: they can be comfortably combined for a casual look, perhaps with a low lace-up shoe or, if you want to recall the past, with a Converse-type sneakers; or it can have a very elegant tone, with a slightly masculine cut, to be combined with high heels, even wedges, and mini-bags to enhance the final result. Minimal shades such as white, black and blue are a great classic, but there is no lack of originality with dark green, red and fuchsia.

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© Zara Palazzo pants

3. And for the sexiest ones? Fall winter 2017 18 fashion proposes the skirt with zipper!

Also in this case there is no lack of vintage references to the 90s. Whether they are in leather, corduroy, short or long, skirts with zippers represent that versatile garment that cannot be missing in the wardrobe. The skirt with zipper has the advantage of adapting perfectly to the style you choose, perfect for both a daytime and evening look: in fact you can combine it with stilettos with heels, cuissardes or even comfortable sneakers. If you like leather, do not hesitate to show off a rock and casual look, but if you can't wait to wear your turtleneck turtleneck, the skirt with a zipper will be your perfect companion! Just choose which one is right for you. your:

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© Zara Skirt with zipper: the sexiest garment in autumn winter fashion

4. The floral print does not contradict itself: trendy even in the autumn winter season

The floral print dominates catwalks and walks throughout the spring and summer period but this year surprises us by avoiding hibernation and coloring itself with new shades for the autumn winter 2017-18 season. The shades become darker or simply less saturated to align with the colors Shirts, jackets, trousers or patches: everything refers to leaves and flowers, which light up with warm autumn colors in contrast with dark backgrounds such as black, burgundy and blue or very light, such as pastel blue, tiffany green or beige.

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© Zara Floral print for fall winter 2017 trends

5. Stripes in an optical version for the autumn winter 2017 18 trends

The stripes, classic texture for a winter sweater or sailor t-shirt, change look and become minimal in colors, optical in the final result. Light background and dark stripes, or vice versa, enliven shirts and trousers, both in linear and maxi shapes, overlapping in different sizes and orientations. There are various ways to carry such a demanding pattern: using only one garment in a sober look, for example a black and white optical shirt over classic black trousers with a black décolleté; or exaggerate with a super-optical total look, but only if the effect will not bother those who accompany us during the day

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© Mango Optical lines fashion trends fall winter 2017

6. Navy blue and anthracite: cool shades for the FW 2017 fashion color trends

The intense and refined navy blue ranks as the undisputed protagonist of this season's color trends. Perfect for all occasions, from the office to the evening with friends, we find it both bottoms and tops, both on sweaters and shirts and on trousers and skirts. Its cold shade goes perfectly with another must in terms of colors for the autumn winter season and already protagonist of the summer color trends: red. In fact, this sensual and lively color also ranks second in the winter charts, declining in its coldest shades, from magenta to carmine, up to turning into fuchsia , new entry for fall winter 2017-18 fashion.

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© Mango Fall winter 2017 color trends

7. Bright look? Glitter takes care of every garment and accessory

If you want to shine better than any Christmas lights, don't hesitate to show off a glittery garment or accessory. We are not talking only of the classic silver or gold glitter, but also of pink, electric blue, green and red glitter. You can opt for a total look with mini dress and stiletto, alternating with a pair of monochrome tights, or focus on just one garment, like a t-shirt or a beautiful and bright pair of shoes. Are you ready to get covered in glitter?

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© Stradivarius Glitter craze for fall winter fashion

8. Total denim and patch craze for those who love style with an 80's flair

Total denim refers us directly to the past, to the protest denim born in the "60-" 70s, re-proposed in rounded shapes in the "80s" looks. , both broken with jackets and jeans, and in sexy and very strong jumpsuits. The real stars of 2017, however, are the patches, both floral and cartoon style that decorate and liven up even the simplest jeans. You just have to choose the style that suits you best

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© Mango Denim and patches for fall winter 2017 fashion

9. Trench, pinstripe and dressing gown: the coolest coats of autumn winter 2017

What winter would it be without a coat? Unthinkable! As well as an autumn without a trench coat or leather jacket.This year's fashion offers them to us in all its forms: the inevitable classic in shades of beige and camel, with double-breasted or regular buttoning. The trench is refined and transformed into wonderful coats with a robe cut, which reflect the shades of must have autumnal and decline them in their warmest and most enveloping version. Belt at the waist and soft fabrics that surround the body in one of the most beautiful hugs. For the most stylish and boy-friendly, the masculine-cut coat in black or blue but pinstriped is the protagonist. There is no shortage of long coats in pink, military green and bomber jackets in both padded jeans and classic down jackets. Winter ... we are coming!

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© iStock The most beautiful coats of autumn winter

Shoes for fall winter 2017 fashion

To better face the new season, the fall winter 2017 fashion cheers up the colder temperatures with many types of shoes. Sensual decolleté and ankle boots with plateau for women who do not want to give up either heels or comfort. The moccasins, on the other hand, come alive with glitter and metallic colors, giving a male-cut shoe a modern and cool look. The real stars of this season, however, are the boots, and in particular the cuissardes, or also called over the knee boots, perfect for any look, generally in fabric, which adhere perfectly to the leg. And to feel like true 70s divas, the red version cannot be missing in your shoe cabinet! in studded leather, they are gods must have for those who want to combine comfort and character. Stilettos with thin heels and original and super detailed warm sneakers cannot be missing for a self-respecting autumn winter, and in fact we find them with a "attitude cheeky, colorful and flamboyant, perfect for illuminating this season! Here are all the models here:

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© Zalando Shoes fall winter 2017 2018 Primadonna

All fashion bags fall winter 2017

Who said that autumn and winter coincide with dark colors and little imagination? To deny this strange theory, albeit apparently obvious, are the it bags of autumn winter 2017 2017, which break the grayness of the sky with strong colors and 3D patterns. burgundy in very warm and seductive tones. There is no shortage of floral patchworks in 3D in relief on a black or gray background but also animal prints on light backgrounds such as cream and beige. For the most refined, the clutches are presented as real and your own jewels to show off next to rings and bracelets: imaginative, colorful, unusual and extravagant, they will fully satisfy the most creative. There is no shortage of capacious and minimal maxi-bags and backpacks for those who love comfort. What do you think?

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© Mango It bag fall-winter 2017 2018

And if you love lingerie, here is the fall winter 2017 fashion underwear

Transparencies, lace, silk: this season's lingerie is a hymn to light, subtle, veiled sensuality. Bralette and triangles are the masters, while underwire and bras with cups fade into the background, while taking up the refinement of lace in the details. Alongside the more classic black color, we also find white as the protagonist, especially sheer or embroidered, although burgundy, anthracite gray, dark green and navy blue cannot be missing. Bras are transformed into real tops, to show off in transparency under a blouse, as well as lace bodysuits or silk slips. Here are some examples:

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