Satisfyer: the best models to experience pleasure alone or as a couple

Whether you are single or as a couple, under the sheets it is important to continue experimenting for both fun and pleasure. A completely new way to do this is to use a satisfyer. This is a turning point in the world of sex toys as, unlike a classic vibrator or dildo, there is no vaginal penetration, but intense and stimulating suction around the clitoris.

Trust me, once you try it, you will come to think that you can do without your partner!

Loveryoyo portable satisfyer: for new and intense emotions

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If you want to experience new and intense emotions, we recommend that you use Loveryoyo's portable satisfyer. This product, in fact, capable of stimulating your clitoris according to 10 different intensities and frequencies, will be the definitive turning point in your sexual life. The touch is delicate due to the product material, made of soft and non-toxic silicone, CE and ROHS certified. Rechargeable via USB cable, this clit sucker is ready to work non-stop for one or more hours just to give you pleasure. The manufacturers tell us that the product is waterproof, but, despite this, they recommend that we do not immerse it in water as a precaution. Unleash your sexiest and most passionate soul and start the dancing with this tireless sex toy!

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With the Kissplay satisfyer the atmosphere under the sheets gets hot!

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Whether you are alone or with your partner, the Kissplay satisfyer will help you make the atmosphere between the sheets and in your life as a couple more sexy and hot. This product designed for self-eroticism is one of the best-selling vibrators on Amazon as it is able to tease nipples and clitoris. Thanks to an advanced suction technology, the Kissplay sex toy performs the function of clitoris sucking with zeal and dedication, giving you intense and extreme sensations of pleasure. Moreover, it is very pleasant to the touch thanks to the soft and silky silicone in which it is made. It only takes a few hours to recharge via the USB cable, after which it will return to being your favorite erotic game. When you decide to use it, it is good to remember to sanitize it both before and after use. And don't worry that, on arriving home, you can feel the courier's eyes on you or, worse, that your package is picked up by some family member because the company takes care to maintain the privacy of all customers by placing the products in an anonymous package.

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A clit sucker with overwhelming power

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You do not need a partner when on your bedside table there is a vibrator with overwhelming power like the Loveryoyo silicone massager. After a particularly stressful day or when you are down in the dumps, with this product you can indulge in hours and hours of pleasure thanks to 10 vibration settings to choose from to stimulate your beloved clitoris. Practical and light, you can always carry this stimulator with you whether at home, in the office or, why not, even in the gym, without worrying about the battery. This model, in fact, is rechargeable via USB. And don't let yourself be intimidated by an object that, by its very nature, is so "invasive": the silicone in which it is made, in fact, is medical, so it respects hygiene standards and is also easy to clean. From the reviews we have read, they are almost all satisfied, so what are you waiting for to add it to your cart?

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The six nine vibrator is a miraculous and necessary invention

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With the advent of vibrators, an extremely miraculous and necessary invention, couple sex has become an overrated practice. Waxing, make-up, wigs, sexy (and expensive!) Outfits, why do all this effort when you can experience immediate pleasure thanks to a tool that will always be there for you, available at all hours and, above all, that will never betray yours. trust and your love? One of our favorite dildos is undoubtedly Oliver James' satisfyer six nine. With 4.5 out of 5 stars, it is Amazon's choice for the women's sex toys category. It will be sufficient to bring the flexible head in soft non-toxic silicone to the affected area to experience a sense of immediate relief. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 20 vibration modes and 8 speeds for a more intense or more relaxing experience. To be always ready for use, the Six Nine vibrator recharges in less than 2 hours and you won't need anything other than wet wipes to disinfect it since it is waterproof! Buy it at a price below 30 euros: shipping is free if you have it delivered to one of the collection points closest to you!

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Bed Geek vibrator: to please your clitoris

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The Wand massager from bed geek is the most loved of the brand's stimulators and the best-selling on Amazon. Because? First of all it is made of medical silicone, so this vibrator lends itself to giving pleasure even to the woman with the most sensitive skin. As for cleaning, being waterproof, it washes with extreme agility. We recommend that you disinfect it after each use with soapy water or wet wipes. The resistance of the battery, rechargeable via USB cable, is such as to grant you hours and hours of self-love and undisturbed pleasure without any worry. Are you still skeptical? The design will also satisfy you, elegant and refined that has nothing to envy to your most sought after and expensive sex toys. Make your clitoris happy with good vibration and add the product to your Amazon wishlist!

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The alternative for him and her: Weylove's anal vibrator!

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When we talk about sex toys, let's remember that there are not only models designed for the pleasure of women, but also for that of men. An example? Weylove's massagers and anal stimulators. Products that strike you at first sight for their ergonomic and sober design and, at second glance, for all the functions they are ready to offer you. We are talking, for example, of the 9 massage modes that you can choose from according to your needs and desires. Another reason why this vibrator falls into the ranking of our favorites is undoubtedly due to the top quality material in which it is made, that is, waterproof medical silicone, certified by the FDA, for an exciting and safe experience. Rechargeable via USB socket, it can be the ideal solution to make couple sex more sexy and spicy than ever, alternating clitoral stimulation with anal vibrations (to be tried at the same time!).

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