Trips canceled due to Coronavirus? Selly's tips from "Traveling with me"

It is impressive how from today to tomorrow, our way of life, our daily habits and our freedom have undergone some drastic changes.
The virus, this invisible enemy, has limited everything and especially the world of tourism.
There are those who found themselves with a credit card in hand ready to book a trip in view of the Easter holidays or the summer holidays, but who had to hold back due to too many "uncertainties" and fears of the moment and c "are those instead he launched himself by booking holidays or weekends left and right and now does not know how the trip cancellation for Coronavirus works.

If, like me, you are a compulsive traveler and at the beginning of the year you had already pulled out your card to go shopping for free flights, don't worry baby I will help you to solve any problem regarding the interruption of holidays due to Pandemic.

Trip cancellation for Coronavirus: here's how to behave

As we know, until May 3 (and probably beyond) any unnecessary travel is to be avoided and this also applies to leisure travel. So, what are your rights to review the pennies spent in your checking account?
If you have been forced to cancel a trip, just as happened to the undersigned who had a flight to Prague at the end of March, you must immediately contact the property, the airline or the agency where you booked the whole package to understand how to proceed but since today I want to be a nerd, let's go into detail

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What happens if the airline has canceled your flight

If the airline has canceled your flight, you are entitled to receive back the full amount spent. Depending on the company policy, you will be refunded the full amount or offered the “voucher” solution.

In the event that you are unable to leave because stopped by the authorities (based on the decree imposed to stay at home until May 3) you will have the right to request either a refund or a voucher, the latter must be used within one year of "issue.

In short: when you are the one to cancel a holiday because it has been imposed on you by the government, the company can by right offer you the voucher solution. In case they are the ones to cancel, as happened to me, you can ask for a cash compensation (it arrived to me within 7 days but each company has its own policy) however, some companies, during the last events have changed their reimbursement conditions.

What if you booked a trip after May 3rd

If absurdly, you had booked a trip just after the end of the decree and you did not feel like leaving, you will not be entitled to a refund, since the decree extends until May 3 unless you have booked with the "fare" option refundable ”or“ flexible. ”In case you decide to give up, you can only ask for a refund of the airport taxes as long as you have not already checked in.

Personally, I can't wait to get 3 or 4 airline tickets back in my hands to fly around the world and if you're like me, I can understand how you feel right now. It 's as if in a way they have cut off our wings, at least I feel that way but I know they did it for our good.

Anyone who loves to travel constantly wonders when they can return to explore our mother earth and above all how to find out if the country they have chosen will allow them to enter. In addition to hoping and praying, what you can do in practice is to rely on official sources (website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or platforms such as "safe travel" or "Euroconsumers") just select the country of your interest and keep all the info monitored. .

Unfortunately we are faced with an unprecedented situation and managing it is not at all simple as it seems but not despair baby, we will soon meet somewhere around the world