Personality Test: Which 90's TV Show Are You?

Each decade has left indelible marks in the hearts of those who have lived it. The 90s were many habits and appointments: the Festival Bars, the Spice Girls' wedges, the cassettes and videotapes, the board games like "Guess who?", The family movies, and of course the first TV series that, together with the TV, they really became an integral part of the days. Watch the video to see the effects of 90s nostalgia on an emu:

Personality Test: Which 90's TV Show Are You?

In the name of our 90s experience, surely each of us recognized ourselves more in one show than in another. This is because maybe we felt more dreamers, or more romantic, or more ironic. With our test you can discover which 90s TV series you are, and immediately see it all over again, episode by episode to rediscover ancient emotions. What are you waiting for? Here is the test:

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And what about music? Do you also want to find out which 90's song you are? Take our test to find out which mythical 90 "s piece tells something about you, here is the test:

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