Spring trends: everything you need to know about ethnic prints and how to best match them

The prints trend of spring, in addition to a predictable floral, also sees the strong presence of ethnic and tribal motifs. In fact, for spring summer 2016, embroideries, decorations and real prints that refer to unspecified cultures and tribes of the past can be seen on the horizon.

Obviously it is only fantasy, which especially for spring 2016 was definitely unleashed: dresses, jumpsuits, sweaters, shorts and miniskirts in fact carry a strong identity, colorful and graphic, which we commonly call ethnic or tribal motif. Not to be outdone, we have prepared for you a rich gallery of ethnic prints and tribal motifs, to help you choose the right garment, if you are interested in following this trend.

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© Stella Jean Ethnic print: tribal motifs in fashion

The ethnic motifs are actually a fluctuating presence of spring summer fashion, a trend that is absent and then reappears a few years later. Valentino was one of the first high-end fashion brands to return to tribal motifs for inspiration, and for some seasons now they have been producing exquisite clothes and accessories, which make everyone want to indulge in the ethno chic trend. In addition to Valentino, a constant presence of this trend is Stella Jean, who has made prints of ethnic origin her trademark (citing in addition to the prints also the techniques of processing fabrics from Haiti, her homeland) .

Ethnic and tribal motifs in fashion

© Novapopp

Stella Jean is to be taken as an example especially if you want to exaggerate, learning to bravely combine not-so-discreet prints. Her fashion is a kaleidoscope of colors that you may want to imitate in turn, if you feel like it and have the courage ...
Below you can find the most loved and admired fashion brands that for spring summer 2016 have recovered some inspiration in terms of tribal motifs and ethnic prints. Discover them all!

Ethnic and tribal motifs from the spring 2016 fashion shows

© Pixelformula Valentino spring summer 2016

As you can see, it's not always about pairing ethnic prints, or choosing just one colorful and vibrant accessory to combine with an understated look. Sometimes the tribal motifs are obtained by using the whole outfit, perhaps choosing a feather necklace and a graphic print on the t-shirt, ending with an ethnic print skirt or trousers. In that case it will be the whole that is ethno chic, and not just the print of your dress.

3 tips to match ethnic and tribal motifs

Creating an entire tribal look can be very difficult, and so if you want to follow this trend without too much effort, you can use a few simple tricks. Below we show you three main ones, make your choice and build your ethno chic look.

1. Wear an ethnic print dress

It's the simplest solution: choose an ethnic print dress and combine it with even simple accessories. The colorful and vibrant print will do it all by itself, and your look will be chic in an instant with minimal effort. You can try to choose accessories to match one of the secondary colors of your dress, creating a subtle and discreet reference.

© Glam Radar

2. Wear only one ethnic print item

If you want to follow the trend without letting yourself dictate an entire look, you can try to mix a single garment with a tribal motif, such as a jacket, a skirt or shorts, with a casual or elegant look. This will add a bold pop of color to an otherwise overly basic look. For spring summer 2016, for example, you have a rich choice of ethnic-themed shorts and skirts.

© Glam Radar

3. Choose only one ethnic-themed accessory

It is the most discreet solution, for those who love ethnic themes without wanting to cover them up. Choose a simple and minimal look, and accompany it with a single ethnic-themed accessory, perhaps embroidered with tribal motifs. A small clutch bag or shoes, or maybe a single piece of jewelry, will be for you. There is nothing more chic, at times, than an entire black or white look embellished with an ethnic-themed necklace (perhaps not too bulky).

© Glam Radar

To give you some more ideas, take a look at these ethnic themed looks below. Each indulges themselves as they wish, exaggerating or playing with the balance. As you can see, in many cases the tribal theme is ideal if you want to achieve a bohemian look.

Discover the most beautiful looks inspired by ethnic motifs

© Glam Radar Look with ethnic motifs

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