Zodiac signs and clothes: your wardrobe according to astrology

Horoscope and astrology are not limited to giving us information about our personality, our attitude in love or our future work, but they can also explain some characteristics to which, perhaps, we do not even pay attention. For example, have you ever wondered where your fashion style comes from? Of course, you can follow the trends of the moment and keep yourself updated on the world of fashion, but your taste is conditioned by the "fascinating universe of the stars. For this reason, today we will discover in detail the relationship between zodiac signs and clothes, seeing what the looks are. best for each of them.

Before starting, however, did you know that each sign of the Zodiac also has a favorite color that fully describes its personality?


The zodiac sign of "Aries is outgoing and sociable. You like to be around people, go out to have fun and reflect this attitude in your wardrobe, even if sometimes you risk overdoing it. A must have for Aries is the leather jacket," coordinated with a pair of jeans, perhaps ripped, and a simple white tank top or t-shirt. Of course, everything must be accompanied by a sneaker or, in the warmer months, by an original decorated wedge. With your personality, even a seemingly simple look like this, you will be the queen of the party!

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Of all the zodiac signs, Taurus is probably the most shopping addicted! In fact, this sign is famous for its attraction to economic well-being, opulence and aesthetic beauty and all this also concerns the fashion side! So, dear friend Taurus, we know that in your wardrobe there is absolutely nothing missing: sessions you really like shopping sprees! However, in the middle of a wardrobe full of clothes, which style is right for you? According to the stars, you are an emblem of elegance: you know how to combine clothes, shoes and accessories with care, preferring looks refined and even a little vintage.

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In the Zodiac, Gemini has a certain reputation for being a creative sign, with a free spirit and a fickle character, as it can change moods in a very short time. All these aspects can also be seen on the fashion front! In fact, if you are Gemini, you know perfectly well how your outfit of the day best reflects your mood. You are a chameleon, you like to play with colors and with various clothes. A must have are certainly a comfortable pair of jeans. which you combine the most original patterned t-shirts or sparkling dresses, but be careful when you wear a total black look: it will most likely express your mood on that day!

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Sometimes, this zodiac sign is a bit "lazy and not always" committed to fashion. However, the favorite style of women born Cancer is that comfy-chic that never disappoints, combined with a pinch of vintage that expresses its retro nature and "affection for the past. In your closet you will not miss dungarees and jeans or trousers. other fabrics that you know how to combine with tank tops, T-shirts, shoes - preferably sneakers - and accessories to be glamorous without too much effort. In summer, then, do not give up on loose floral bohemian-style skirts that best highlight your romantic side and a little " nostalgic.

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The main characteristics of the Lion are perfectly reflected in his style. Courageous, determined and charismatic, you love to play with fashion and anticipate trends, without conforming to what "dictates the law" in the world of fashion. The desire to appear typical of Leo leads you to have sparkling dresses for the holidays in the wardrobe, looks that wink at glam rock for informal evenings and sensual but elegant jumpsuits for days in the office or a dinner by the sea. "it is doubtful, to see your wardrobe one can only be surprised!

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The precision and the search for perfection that Virgo so much like can be seen in her fashion choices. Prefer the minimal style, both in summer and in winter, to always be elegant without exaggerating or risking overdoing it. The must-haves of your wardrobe are certainly simple dresses, which are very well suited to any occasion, whether it is a dinner with friends or an afternoon of leisure. Your refined taste leads you to know how to combine any item of clothing with the right shoes and accessories. Just one tip: bon ton outfits are perfect, but how about indulging in a little "head shot" sometimes?

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No zodiac sign is elegant like Libra. All women born under this constellation are fashion gurus in terms of refinement and charm: they are hardly wrong to choose the look for a party or an "important occasion. Long dresses, palazzo pants or sophisticated suits cannot be missing in the" wardrobe. to be matched strictly with high-heeled shoes. However, don't forget that there are also casual looks: we are sure that with your fashion taste even with a pair of jeans, a simple t-shirt and a pair of sneakers you will always be perfect!

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A Scorpio woman never goes unnoticed because she has an enigmatic personality that affects everyone around her. Your watchword is character, even when it comes to fashion. You like gritty, comfortable but at the same time intriguing looks, which express your inner strength with a single glance. In both summer and winter you often wear work dress played down by accessories, suits or long jumpsuits, while for the most elegant evenings choose a classic and sensual little black dress with which you know you can't go wrong!

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If you are Sagittarius, then you know you are a citizen of the world. You love to travel, meet people and visit new places discovering cultures different from yours. The typical cosmopolitanism of your zodiac sign is also evident in your style. You like to mix the various influences in your outfits, although sometimes there is the risk of exaggerating a little. "The must-have item of clothing for your wardrobe is certainly the kimono, which you can use open over the most disparate looks and creative instead of a cardigan, or comfy dresses and sneakers that allow you to travel the world in comfort!

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In astrology and horoscope Capricorn is famous for determination and rigor. These characteristics are noticeable not only in its behavior but also in terms of look. As a good Capricorn you like suits and suits that give you that "immediately recognizable professional aura. Moreover, you are famous for your androgynous style and for the passion for masculine clothes that you always know how to flaunt with elegance and femininity. When it is not about fashion. work clothes, however, we can say that you do not commit too much on the casual side: you could go on simply stealing your boyfriend's clothes (and that's okay)!

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Like the other zodiac signs of "Air," Aquarius also does not like to obey the rules, not even when it comes to fashion. You are of a creative nature, nonconformist and always avant-garde and the stars lead you to choose eccentric looks in multiple shades. At any time of the year it is difficult to see yourself with a total black outfit because you will try to mix black with some brighter colors. Do you like vintage garments or one-of-a-kind pieces with prints, with original embroideries and out of the ordinary colors, just like you.

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The last sign of the Zodiac stands out for its romantic and dreamy streak. In the world of fashion, a Pisces woman is recognized for her always refined bon ton style: you adore flared skirts, silk shirts, palazzo pants, dresses in tulle or lace and floral prints. You prefer pastel colors to bright colors, which give you a slightly retro "air" that fits perfectly with your personality. However, this does not mean that you don't like to take risks: for an evening with your boyfriend, you know how to bring out your sensuality with more tight-fitting clothes and dark colors.

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