Choose an anti-cellulite cream

An anti-cellulite cream will never be able to make you lose weight, but it can make your skin smoother and firmer, reducing the imperfections of cellulite.

Find out how to choose the right product for you and, above all, how to use it in the right way.

Anti-cellulite creams: what are they for?

Cellulite is a natural phenomenon that affects most women. The most affected areas are the hips, thighs, belly and buttocks, where fat cells tend to accumulate fat. Consequently, the excess of fats gives the skin an irregular appearance: cellulite. Anti-cellulite creams contain molecules that act on the receptors of fat cells, to favor the elimination of excess fats, smoothing the skin.

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Useful information
Anti-cushion gels, anti-cellulite creams, slimming creams, firming concentrates: not all of them have the same effect. Some treatments are limited to firming or smoothing the skin, without exceeding the limit of the epidermis, while others really act on adipose tissues. It therefore becomes important to be careful to choose the anti-cellulite cream that best suits your needs.

Anti-cellulite creams, instructions for use

An anti-cellulite cream is always applied with a gentle and regular massage to activate microcirculation, decongest the tissues and restore lymphatic flow. In addition, the massage increases the skin temperature, improving the penetration of the active ingredients.

For the belly: massage with circular movements in a clockwise direction, making the cream penetrate.

For the legs: go up towards the top of the thighs, making small circles.

For hips and buttocks: place your hands on your hips and make large circular movements up towards the waist.

For the arms: massage going up from the elbow towards the shoulders and insisting on the inside of the arms.

Useful tips

- Don't give up!

To get a satisfactory result, you need to be patient. If you want your slimming cream to be really effective, you need to calculate at least two or three months of treatment, and at least two applications per day.

- Choose the right active ingredients!

Opt for active ingredients that promote skin firming: silicon, caffeine, gotu kola, houseleek essential oil, bocoa. They help to disinfect the tissues, smooth cellulite and have a toned and firm skin!

- Drink!

At least 1.5 liters of water per day.

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