Men's erogenous zones: everything you need to know about male pleasure

Compared to the complexity of the female sexual organs, the male ones can seem trivial and obvious. Of course, it's hardly necessary to say, it's not like that! The erogenous zones of the man are many and it is worth experimenting with the partner to find out where he is most sensitive.

Even the male body, in fact, has secrets, little known parts, which are often not stimulated; the greatest attention is mostly placed on the penis, and reductively for many (and for many) the chapter ends here.

Let's explore together which are the erogenous zones of the man and how to stimulate them. Who knows if your partner won't want to try these positions that are particularly exciting for you ...

Erogenous zones of man: the penis and more

Without a doubt, the glans (or head) of the penis is the most sensitive part, due to the large amount of nerve endings.

To be more precise, sensitivity increases by stimulating the corona (the point where it joins the trunk), and the frenulum, which is a fillet of skin that connects the glans to the foreskin, the latter a flap of skin that covers the glans. , protects it and keeps it lubricated.

However, although the penis is the organ of pleasure par excellence, this does not mean that men should be "penecentric" and give up stimulating other parts of their body (and this also applies to women).

The habit of self-satisfaction through masturbation going "straight to the point" within a few minutes leads the man to neglect other fundamental areas of man's pleasure, such as the scrotum, or the pouch that hangs under the penis, at the inside which the testicles are located.Stimulating him in this area with kisses and caresses will only awaken the male desire.

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The P point: an erogenous zone that gives man a lot of pleasure

Located behind the pubic bone, above the perineum and below the neck of the bladder, the prostate produces seminal fluid which mixes with sperm in the act of ejaculation. For many males it can be a source of great pleasure, such as to be called the male G-spot, or P-spot.

The best position to locate the P Point is to lie down on your stomach with your legs bent, even better if your knees touch your chest; entering the rectum at about 2.5 cm you can see a solid mass of the volume of a chestnut, which can gradually increase from the age of forty.

Its stimulation can cause previously unknown sensations to men and some reach orgasm, even without stimulation of the penis.

Erogenous zones of man: the anus

Thanks to its proximity to the prostate and due to the nerve endings it has, the anal sphincter can also be a source of great pleasure.

Of course, not everyone is willing to be stimulated in this way, but asking costs nothing and the results can be truly extraordinary.

The L point: where is this erogenous zone of man and how to stimulate it

Point L in men is defined as the external part of the pubo-cuccygeus muscle, which can be stimulated both internally and externally. It is located at the height of the perineum, between the lower part of the testicles and the anus, and can be aroused with oral sex or with masturbation.

In oral sex, it is sufficient to suck the penis into the tip, the orifice of the urethra, in order to create a suction effect.

In masturbation, however, it will be necessary to add to the normal hand movement, the pressure of the thumb on the L point. Your partner will feel the difference!

The erogenous zones of the man you do not expect: from the hands to the nipples

If the man is willing to overcome unfounded homosexual fears, he may also find the stimulation of his nipples, buttocks, the inner side of the thighs, shoulders, neck very pleasant ... There is plenty of choice for a couple who wants to attract, get to know each other, get involved!

Male nipples are full of nerve endings and, if stimulated manually or with the mouth, they can cause really pleasant sensations ... you just have to try to find out if your partner likes it or not!

The whole area of ​​the chest, up to the attachment of the penis, can be considered erogenous: kiss it slowly, lightly touching it and going downwards ... you will discover which are the points that drive him crazy.

The hands can also be particularly erotic: try kissing, licking, putting in your mouth and sucking one finger after the other ... he'll get aroused instantly!

Erogenous zones of man: warnings and advice

Knowledge of male erogenous zones should not lead to think that man is a kind of automaton, always reactive to any form of stimulation. As happens to us, communication, relationships and emotions also count a lot for men, although unfortunately many men underestimate the impact of these aspects on their sexual life or have little awareness of them. In practice, however, the sexual life of a large part of the male gender is heavily affected by anxiety, conflict, routine, prolonged sexual rejection by one's partner, his critical and devaluing attitude: and here is the fall of the initiative, desire, or too early or late ejaculation.

If you have achieved good harmony in the couple and want to get involved sexually, you shouldn't make the mistake of dividing the body into parts capable and parts unable to feel pleasure. Every man is unique, just like every woman, and the most exciting thing is to discover the personal erogenous zones (here, for fun, you can find them according to his zodiac sign!).

Getting to know the male body is a first step to help men overcome the often ingrained obsession with the genitals, a close relative of "performance anxiety". Obviously, the areas mentioned above are not to the liking of all men, so it is important to agree on the limit beyond which to stop and respect your own tastes and those of your partner.

At that point, you can start having fun, perhaps even using some sex toys ...

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