Can i drink wine when pregnant? And eat sweets with liqueur? Your doctor's answers to your most frequently asked questions!

Moms-to-be, this article is especially for you. Don't know what to do with alcohol while pregnant? Are you in doubt about what to do in front of a simple and occasional glass of wine, to which you just can't say no? Don't worry, below you can find the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. To dispel perplexities and give useful advice is Professor Enrico Vizza, Medical Director, UOC Director of Oncological Gynecology of the Oncological Surgery Department of the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute in Rome.

In recent days, in the "Pregnancy" section of the forum, we opened a discussion on the subject, within which, users had the opportunity to ask doubts and questions on the subject of alcohol in pregnancy, which would then be subjected to the attention of the professor mentioned above. Below you can find some of the most frequent questions you put to the expert and the relative answers. Check it out and take note, and remember that pregnancy only lasts nine months ...

Before proceeding further, we remind you with a video of all the things that it would be good to avoid doing during the nine months of expectation ...

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I drink a glass of wine on special occasions, the gynecologist told me that nothing happens, is it really like that or is it better to avoid it altogether?

Alcohol intake, even occasionally, should be avoided during pregnancy as there is currently no scientific evidence on a certain amount that is safe for the fetus.

I have a 14 month old baby and I am thinking about a new pregnancy. I would like to know what and if there are tolerance thresholds for alcohol during expectation and also in the period preceding conception

The guidelines recommend pregnant / breastfeeding women, but also women planning a pregnancy to refrain from drinking alcohol. And although it is assumed that the risk to the fetus is probably low for minimum levels of alcohol, unfortunately we are not yet able to define a safe threshold value, therefore abstention is the best advice.

How should one deal with other types of alcohol, other than wine and beer, and with carbonated drinks or fruit juices, perhaps mistakenly considered "healthy substitutes"?

The risks associated with alcohol consumption are a very sensitive topic. In fact, the fetus has no defense against the alcohol taken by the mother, which can interfere in its development and growth with damage that can even be irreversible. For this reason there is so much attention from doctors in sensitizing our patients to refrain from alcohol consumption during pregnancy. As for carbonated drinks and fruit juices, they should be taken in moderation due to the high sugar content. , especially in women at risk of gestational diabetes.

Are cakes or sweets that contain small quantities of wine / bitter / etc in the ingredients also prohibited? It is very little and it is only in the dough ... Do I have to say goodbye to the babas ?!

Dear lady, the quantity of alcohol commonly present in sweets is minimal and therefore not harmful to the fetus. As for sweets such as Babà where the liqueur is present at a higher concentration, it is not recommended during pregnancy.

I happened to drink on special occasions, a glass of wine or beer. According to my gynecologist it is a more than acceptable amount, especially after the third month ... is that so?

It is unlikely that small amounts of wine or beer can induce fetal harm but on the other hand, there is currently no minimum amount of alcohol below which alcohol intake is absolutely safe.

Very often in the evening after work I indulge in some aperitifs with friends. Is it really harmful in pregnancy? And during meals? Is it possible to consume alcohol moderately? I ask because alas, I often drink alcohol and we are wine producers!

Alcohol during pregnancy is harmful not only for the expectant mother, but above all for the fetus. It is known, in fact, that the consumption of alcohol involves a series of damages, very often permanent, which can affect the development and growth of the fetus. , but also mental retardation in the unborn child. Unfortunately, to date we have not yet identified a "safe" consumption of alcohol for pregnancy, therefore the best advice is to avoid even occasional consumption. However, there are soft drinks that future mothers can consume , so as not to give up the sociability of an aperitif with friends.

I am at the end of the fifth month (20 + 6), until now I have always avoided foods that contain alcohol and alcoholic beverages, such as wine and beer. Are they really bad even if drunk occasionally? For example, I will soon have an important birthday, my mother's 60th birthday, will I be able to toast with a little prosecco or is that also to be absolutely avoided?

It is unlikely that the amount of alcohol, present in a little prosecco, can induce fetal harm if drunk once for a particular occasion. Certainly compared to the past, on the part of us doctors there is greater attention to the behaviors that pregnant women must adopt for their well-being and that of the fetus. Therefore, considering the risks related to alcohol intake during pregnancy (growth retardation, alteration in somatic development, mental retardation), we agree in making our patients aware of also refraining from occasional alcohol consumption.