Gorgeous Kate in a long dress, just like the Queen likes

Kate Middleton attended the Portrait Gala 2014 Collecting to Inspire, a fundraiser that, as every year, is held at the National Portrait Gallery in London and which has seen the Duchess of Cambridge as an exceptional godmother. For the special occasion, Prince William's wife wore a long dark blue dress, giving proof, as always, of his class and innate elegance. Could the Queen's orders have had the desired effect? Only a few days ago, in fact, Elisabetta had warmly invited Middleton to say goodbye to dresses with slits, short skirts and low cost dresses, for greater respect for the label, despite the already sober and discreet style of the Duchess (here you can read the news complete).

In fact, shortly after, we see Kate showing off an impeccable outfit in line with the sovereign's "diktat": a long, simple and refined dress that leaves no excess body uncovered.

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