Bridal shoes inspired by "Beauty and the Beast": so beautiful they take your breath away!

All of them, even those who, as children, preferred to play football with their little cousins ​​rather than juggle the fake stoves of the toy kitchens, we dreamed in front of the Disney films: it is no coincidence that Harrods, the famous London department store, also wanted pay tribute to the princesses with a collection of "once upon a time" dresses!

On the day of "yes" every girl dreams of being wonderful and, why not, of being a princess. After Disney wedding dresses, there are also matching shoes. These are some creations by Becci Lindsay, aka Becci Boo shoes, an English designer who has decided to dedicate his art to the reproduction of shoes inspired by "Beauty and the Beast".

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© Facebook / Becci Boo "s Custom Shoes and Art Shoes Beauty and the Beast

The shoes are available in different colors, pink, gray, blue, white and gold, and the real surprise lies in the sole. If the Louboutins have been made famous by their unmistakable red sole, these shoes show a scene from the cartoon, the dance between Belle and the Beast represented as if it were a stained glass window, the same windows that appeared in some rooms of the Beast's manor. .
The small works in question can be purchased on the Etsy profile of the artist which also includes bags created ad hoc and other marvels of shoemaking.
We have learned a lot from the princesses, after all they have been real models for us, and we must admit that Becci Lindsay's shoes are perfect for true aficionados.

If you can't get enough shoes ... Take a look at these models here, you'll love them for sure.

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