5 pairs of Kate Middleton shoes that we will copy this summer!

Kate Middleton is a true style icon whose watchwords are elegance and refinement. She surprises us every time with her innate ability to change style: from modern to timeless chic, from sumptuous elegance to the simplicity of a dress Zara, without ever losing charm and charm. She made us dream with her maternity looks but also wearing the same dress several times, without ever being boring. Each dress, then, depending on the occasion, was framed by superlative accessories that just look at them dizzy. Among these, shoes first of all. But who said that you have to spend thousands of euros to have shoes of that type? We reveal some very similar models and above all with affordable prices!

Kate Middleton's beige shoes we love: espadrilles!

For a casual but undeniably elegant outfit, Kate Middleton often opts for beige or camel espadrille-style shoes. She wears them under midi dresses in classic colors such as dusty pink, serenity blue or other pastel shades, but also under long dresses in boho chic style with flowers, or with fantasy colors. They are generally espadrilles with rope wedges, both without laces, like real décolleté, and with the classic ankle strap. In short, very classy without sacrificing comfort. Here are some models she wore and proposals also available for us:

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© Getty Kate Middleton's beige shoes: espadrilles without laces

Our favorite Kate Middleton style espadrilles are:

  • Espadrilles sabot with rope wedge, beige pink, available on Amazon for 25 €
  • Beige espadrilles with rope wedge and ankle lace, available on Amazon for € 35

Kate Middleton casual and Superga style sneakers

When Kate really wants to make our heads spin, she does it with disarming simplicity. He does it because he wears the shoes that we have always worn in such a princely way that we want to immediately change our look and try to be inspired by hers. In May he surprised us with a pair of sneakers that at first glance seem like simple and timeless Superga in white canvas. She wore them with a white shirt and slightly cropped high-waisted trousers in camel color. Doesn't that sound spectacular to you? Get inspired by looking at other very similar and equally cool models!

© Getty Superga style Kate Middleton shoes

Our favorite Kate Middleton style white sneakers are:

  • Classic Superga in white canvas, available on Amazon on offer at around € 50
  • Superga with 4 cm wedge in white canvas, available on Amazon on offer at around € 51

Sensual nude effect sandals for the Duchess of Cambridge

One of Kate's must haves that made us fall in love are the nude effect shoes. It has a thousand types: décolleté, ballet flats and above all sandals. The model you see in the photo is breathtaking: sexy but refined, it enhances the leg and slims the instep. She combines it perfectly with a long dress in dark colors, but we have seen her wearing nude shoes even under mono-colored dresses like the magical suits typical of the English royal family. gold, the important thing is that they are nude effect)! Take a look:

© Getty Kate Middleton shoes: high flesh-colored sandals

Our favorite Kate-inspired nude sandals:

  • Light beige nude effect heeled sandals, available on Amazon for € 23
  • Gold glitter sandals, available on Amazon for € 27

Glitter pumps to embellish any look

If there is one thing that Kate Middleton has taught us with the looks she wore from her wedding to today, it is that even the most minimal dress can be embellished with a pair of shoes with a wow effect! the following describes exactly this: white dress (wonderful) with boat neckline and midi skirt paired with a pair of glittered pumps with a degradé effect that starts from blue on the heel to finish with silver on the toe! I-N-C-A-N-T-E-V-O-L-I. Glitter is considered ambivalently: on the one hand it looks a bit kitschy and on the other hand it is able to enhance more essential clothes or shoes. Look how the Duchess wears them:

© Getty Décolleté glitter degradé by Kate Middleton

Magic of magic: we found a pair almost identical to these shoes by Kate Middleton, available on Amazon for 32 euros! Come on, if you are a glitter lover too, you can't go wrong with this décolleté!

Kate's cork wedge shoes

The last, but no less popular, is the pair of cork wedge shoes worn by Kate under a truly elegant and jaunty white suit. old-fashioned and contemporary, between the royal family and the common world. Comfortable shoes, but unusual to find under a look like this. Only Kate always manages to amaze us and present them as something naturally refined. Do you like them? We are very inspired by this outfit. !

© Getty Kate Middleton shoes with cork wedge

Our favorite Kate-inspired cork wedge shoes:

  • Sandal with beige heel strap with cork wedge, available on Amazon for 25 €
  • Black sandal sabot with cork wedge, available on Amazon for € 20

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