Beauty emergency: 8 essentials to always have in your handbag

When you leave home, it is important to carry some basic accessories in your bag, which are very useful both for routine operations and in an emergency. Here is a list of 8 essential accessories that you should always have with you so as not to run into unpleasant unexpected events.

1 - Hand sanitizer

If you travel frequently on public transport you will know that they are a crossroads of bacteria and dirt, so having a good hand sanitizer with you will make it easier even where the bathroom is not readily available.

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2 - Replacement contact lenses

While out and about, it can happen that you lose a contact lens, what to do in that case? Especially if you suffer from a rather important ailment, it is useful to always have a pair of disposable lenses available that you can use in case of loss or breakage of those you wear.

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3 - Intimate wipes

You don't always find toilet paper in public toilets and when you don't, it's a nuisance! Fortunately, always keeping a pack of intimate wipes with you, with these by Lactacyd, you can face any emergency by choosing between 3 variants: Intime Lactacyd wipes with antibacterial, fresh version and protection & delicacy.

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4 - Fresh breath kit

Couldn't you resist that burger with onions and garlic sauce as tempting as it is dangerous for your fresh breath? Not bad if you always have a teeth cleaning kit in your handbag on the go. Like this Clinodent travel kit consisting of a practical transparent plastic trousse, which contains a resealable toothbrush and a 20 ml pack of Clinodent toothpaste.

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5 - Dry shampoo

Very useful and also available in pocket size, dry shampoo is a real ace in the hole when you don't have time to wash your hair or go to the hairdresser, but you have an appointment or an evening to which you cannot say no. In 5 minutes it acts and it is as if you had just shampooed, with the advantage of not having to spend an "hour drying your hair!

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6 - Deodorant wipes

The air conditioning in the train was not working and when you arrive at your destination you are bathed in sweat. What to do? With the disposable deodorant wipes you can freshen up while waiting to get home or to the hotel and to be able to take a long invigorating shower.

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7 - Blister plasters

Never without. Especially if you have a day in which you will always be around, you will walk up and down, you will not sit for hours and hours. The bladder is around the corner, better not be caught unprepared!

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8 - Foot pads

Don't you give up on high heels even when you go to the gym (or almost)? Then the gel pads will be indispensable to be placed between the foot and the shoe in the points where the pain could become unbearable, perhaps after a walk or an evening at the disco. Relief will be immediate!

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