DIY pedicure: everything you need to do it at home

After months of socks and boots, we finally begin to free our legs and feet. Off to the clothes and sandals.
This year, the trends in footwear demand an impeccable pedicure! Between transparent pumps, slide-ons and sandals, it will be better to have your feet in order for the whole season!
But if you have received a last minute invitation to a party and you also have perfect shoes but too little time to go to the beautician, here is what you need for a quick and easy pedicure even to do alone.

But first, here's a refresher on how to apply nail polish perfectly.

A few simple elements are enough to create a perfect DIY pedicure when you have little time available and it is good to always keep them in the beauty case for emergency or just for a quick retouch.

First of all it is useful to soften the skin of the feet with a shower or with a foot bath and use a pumice stone (buy it on Amazon), a natural file that acts as a delicate exfoliant and that will eliminate dead and hardened skin from the heels and sides of the soles of the feet. feet, making them soft and avoiding the annoying and anti-aesthetic effect of chapped skin.

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Another must have for both hands and feet is a set of nail care tools.
Nail clippers, files, tools to lower and remove cuticles, scissors, but on Amazon there are some really complete sets with a lot of eyebrow tweezers or tools to remove blemishes such as blackheads (buy a pencil case here).


Once you have your nails trimmed and shaped and the cuticles removed, it's time to moisturize your feet.
It is always better to use a special foot cream.
Our favorite is that of Eucerin regenerating, designed to moisturize even the driest feet, you can find it on offer on Amazon.


Finally, apply the nail polish! Choose a transparent or nude nail polish if you don't like nail polish or choose from this season's nail polish trends and match it with your hands!

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