Hugs are good for you. And if the scientists say so ...

4 hugs a day and the smile returns

How many times have you felt good during a hug? You closed your eyes and felt lighter, as if within that circle the anxieties and worries were unable to enter, they remained outside. And well yes, it's all true, a study by Carnegie Mellon University, United States, has shown that hugs help to decrease and relieve stress, and more. More generally, cuddles and hugs would be an excellent remedy to combat the "arrival of the flu" and to prevent viral infections. Psychologists say they would be needed at least 4 in a day to keep our smile alive. D "hugging is an innate instinct, look here:

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But why is hugging good?

It is not only because the hug makes us feel protected and pampered, therefore it reassures us, strengthens and consoles us; hugging is good because it stimulates the production of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness. In addition, blood pressure decreases because physical contact sends a signal to the brain via the vagus nerve, and therefore we feel more peaceful. Even physically we can feel all the benefits of a nice hug.

So let's not be surprised if nature, so perfect, gives us spectacles like this: animals, wild or not, resting in an embrace. Look at the gallery:

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