Why we love jumpsuits so much (and how to match them)

Jumpsuits are a great alternative to dresses. These are unique pieces that include both the shirt and the pants and can be both casual and elegant, in short, with just one piece of clothing you are ready to go out.

Specially designed for those who prefer the practicality of trousers to dresses, we all love suits. Long, short and in any fabric, because they are versatile and very comfortable and give anyone who wears them the air of someone who has put the first thing they found in the wardrobe but with a super chic effect.

In this article we will tell you which ones are perfect for you based on your physique and the occasion.

How to match the suit

The range of jumpsuits to choose from is huge: long, short, sleeveless, with long legs and sleeves, models in denim or corduroy, with colorful geometric patterns or the sparkling models of the queen of disco music.
Perfect, because we can use them both in the daily basic casual look and in the office one, but also elegant as for the next ceremony or an evening with friends.

How to wear the suit in the office

For a formal work look, a long jumpsuit is ideal.
In this case we recommend that you choose a model in soft colors such as black, navy blue or gray. The jumpsuits with a shirt-style collar are also beautiful!
Flat pumps or moccasins and a chic blazer pair with plain jumpsuits.
If the office etiquette allows, you can also wear sneakers or a colorful blazer.
This Emmarcon jumpsuit is perfect for the office.

The suit for special occasions

Are you looking for a dress suitable for an elegant dinner or a wedding? Sure, the little black dress is always a winner but how about varying it with a jumpsuit?

For elegant occasions, long black jumpsuits in shiny satin, chiffon or silk with narrow straps or V-neck are perfect.
Match them with a jeweled shoe and add a bit of glamor with a tight glitter belt.

If you want to be daring, choose it in velvet (buy it on Amazon) or in lace.

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How to wear it casually

In everyday life we ​​like casual and therefore our tracksuit will be perfect with sneakers. They make the one-of-a-kind piece a bit sportier in an instant.

For a relaxed look, the suit should not be too tight, better the oversized loose knit models made of jersey or cotton, also with elastane, which are very comfortable.
See a perfect model on Amazon

Styling tip: Roll up the hem of your sweatpants to make it even more shabby.

The perfect summer jumpsuit

Short jumpsuits look so summery and are therefore perfect for those hot days. For example, you can combine them with leather sandals, fabric shoes or wedges. In addition, hats, straw bags and shell necklaces make for an always winning summer look.

Particularly suitable for summer: white rompers and models with colorful floral, ethnic or palm prints. Perfect also for hot days are the jumpsuits in airy linen fabric, in natural colors such as khaki or beige.
A nice jumpsuit for summer, for example, is here on Amazon.

Which jumpsuit fits your figure?

The jumpsuits come in all kinds of materials and styles, so you can really find the perfect pattern for every figure.

For women with wide hips and prominent thighs, for example, they are particularly suitable for adult jumpsuits with a high waist and tighter waist.
For slender women, baggy and oversized or super tight models are perfect.

Styling tip: Highlight your waist with a thin belt.

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