Beyoncé: sexy photo of her B-side

Beyoncé has posted some sexy photos on her Tumblr that show off her B-side. These are some shots of the famous photographer Robin Harper taken during the rehearsal of the performance with which the pop star performed at the 56th edition of the Grammy Awards.

In one of the images, the splendid 32-year-old singer wears a long transparent dress that shows off her famous and much-appreciated rear. After all, Beyoncé has always been much loved thanks to the naturalness with which she shows off her pin-up shapes, without being vulgar. Backstage art photos show the pop star rehearsing some numbers for Grammy night: sensual poses, sexy looks and true femme fatale moves. In fact, her performance at the Grammy Awards night with her husband Jay-Z was one of the most intense moments of the ceremony.

Here are some artistic shots showing a hot high-rate Beyoncé.

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