8 hairstyles to try for a touch of style to your workout

The latest running shoes released, you have them. The multicolored technical trousers, you have them. The personalized bottle, there is. The sporty top to match the pants, too. In short, we women in the gym are always perfect, so why leave our hair in the background?

Precisely for this reason we have selected 8 hairstyles to be replicated to always be perfect even in the gym (even once the workout is over).

1. A crown braid

A cute braid on the front of the head is an excellent solution for those who have chosen a cut with a fringe or a tuft or to prevent unpleasant tufts from falling on your forehead ...

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2. A twist to the tail

... and why not try a braid behind the head? You will say goodbye to tufts and tufts.

3. Boxer braids

Whether you are in the ring or not, boxer braids are perfect for those with single length hair, and will help keep all your hair in place. Ideal even on windy days.

4. The ponytail

Ahh, the ponytail. Boring for some, classical for others. Who doesn't love hearing their hair rustle while running? You know what they say: if it ain't broke, why fix it?

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5. The disheveled chignon

If you don't like the rustle of the thing (but really?), Try a messy bun. Perfect in plastre, and even more so once out of the gym.

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6. The band

Perfect for running in the winter. The hair will not fall on the face and the ears will stay warm.

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7. And if you have short hair ...

Even if you have short hair it is possible to give it that extra touch even in the gym. For example with a light side braid, to avoid finding the hair in front of the eyes during the most strenuous exercises.

8. Bandana

A bandana is the perfect solution for working out in the gym. It will keep your hair out of sight and give you that look from hard which never hurts.