5 solutions that allow us to save time on housework

Let's not lie to each other, everyone would need and want to have some time for themselves, to cultivate a passion, a hobby or simply spend 10 minutes on the sofa without worries. remember that the washing machine is finished and that we have to hang out the clothes before bad smells and tiredness get the better of it.Because the days, even if we plan them to perfection, always have unexpected events that complicate things. And if you are also a mother, the situation can be really complicated


In short, we must find a way to carve out a space for ourselves. Quite right? Let's see together the 5 solutions that allow us to save time on housework and to say ENOUGH to boring things!

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1. Just clean the stove twice a day

That's right! Think of the time you save, in just one week, if after every lunch and every dinner we save ourselves from washing the stove, which will have received splashes of oil and sauce, bread crumbs, grains of rice and nice spices in its arms. To recover some time to dedicate to ourselves, we spread a little aluminum on the hob, obviously not bringing it close to the burners. The aluminum will protect the stove from splashes and, at the end of the day, we will throw it away. Or if we really want to eliminate the root problem, just get a fabulous induction hob which, thanks to the surfaces that do not heat up, is very easy to clean: just a wet cloth and go! Fabulous, right?

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2. Just wait 2 days for a clean shirt

Think about how many steps the laundry requires: select the clothes to wash, put them in the washing machine, take the detergent, take the softener, choose the wash, wait 2-3 hours to get the clothes clean. Then you have to take them, hang them, wait at least 12 hours for them to be dry and then finally we can iron them! Total: 24 hours of waiting for a clean shirt. We can greatly simplify the steps and reduce everything to 2:59 hours with a Miele washer-dryer, currently the fastest on the market . With this washer-dryer, you will not only save yourself the whole passage from washing machine to drying rack and from drying rack to iron, but also having to load the washing machine with the right dosage of detergent and softener every time, since the WT1 washer-dryer is equipped with TwinDos that composes the right detergent for your laundry load by dosing it automatically to avoid any waste! So, you would not be happy to save 21 hours all for you and also ab and some space in your home?

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3. Stop wasting time removing limescale

Grandma's remedies are never wrong: instead of using anti-limescale and elbow grease, to simplify our life and take half the time, to eliminate limescale simply use white wine vinegar! Dilute it with a little water and leave it on the most encrusted surfaces such as faucet and hand shower. Just open the water and wipe the area with a cloth. It will be very easy to get rid of those ugly white spots.

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4. No more junk that accumulates dust

Removing the dust is quite quick: all you need is a dust-catching cloth and wipe it on all surfaces of the furniture (especially on the visible ones!). It is not this gesture that takes away time, but having to pass the cloth through all the small objects that over time we accumulate on furniture and shelves. In short, no more junk, the perfect refuge for dust and mites, and yes to furnishings that are simple to manage and ... to clean! Don't they seem even more relaxing to you?

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5. Just wait at least 10 minutes for a dry floor

After sweeping and removing the dust, we also have to wash the floor, which seems like the final effort before we can finally rest. So we get stuck for those 10 minutes between one room and another before the floors are all dry (and in winter it takes some). To gloriously bring the moment when the sofa becomes our throne, just use hot water. ! That's right, using slightly warm water, with a few drops of highly perfumed floor detergent, the floor dries immediately and the scent stays longer. Sofa, we're on our way!

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