5 bon ton rules to present yourself at a wedding in an impeccable way

Spring air, ceremonial air? Definitely yes! Yet the concerns are not few: how to dress to be at the top? Weddings flock from this season of the year, and even if we often ignore them, there are bon-ton rules to be impeccable because, in the end, everyone will always notice how we presented ourselves at the ceremony, and not always will you has a second chance as the bride and groom in the video, look:

As also vente-privee together with Rossella Migliaccio, style consultant and founder of the Italian Image Institute, have noticed, even if you don't give much value to how you look at a wedding, with hindsight you realize that it is always It is desirable to inquire about some style rules for this kind of occasion. So let's see some of them to avoid making a bad impression:

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1. Study the invitation carefully

The first thing to do when receiving an invitation to a wedding is to read it to focus on the most suitable outfit. How do you understand from a simple invitation? To begin with, you can know if a dress code has been established. , even if only chromatic, or a theme to be respected, as happens more and more often.
Another element to consider is the location, which can reveal valuable information for the outfit: a period villa lends itself to a more refined outfit, while a farmhouse allows for a more informal, but always elegant look.
Finally, the time of the ceremony and the type of rite (civil or religious) also influence the stylistic choice and are absolutely to be considered.

2. Pay attention to the dress code ...

Dress-code alert: in the morning, a knee-length dress or an elegant suit should be preferred, but never choose a long dress, not even for the most formal ceremonies. In the evening, however, you can choose between the classic sheath dress, the midi dress or the more elegant formal dress up to the feet. And for lovers of trousers, although not very common, the jacket-trousers suit can be a very sophisticated choice, if obviously attention is paid to the details.
As for the colors, absolutely banned white, black and red. Green light to soft tones (such as powder, mauve, light blue, sage and powder gray) if the ceremony is in the morning or to a more intense color palette if it takes place in the evening (from forest green to navy blue, without neglecting the less popular burgundy and teal), always preferring the solid color and leaving room for prints only for the morning, but never too large and noisy. Fabrics? Silk, velvet, chiffon, crepe and all light fabrics are preferred. Even lace can be chosen to embellish a dress, as long as it is not too sexy and favoring the lighter and impalpable versions for the evening. Take a cue:

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3. ... and accessories!

There is also a strong tradition on accessories: the hat should be remembered that it is worn only if it is also worn by the mother of the bride, and for ceremonies in the morning or outdoor receptions. In addition, in closed places such as in a church, women can keep it, and then take it off when sitting at the table.
For the choice of shoes, the most elegant are the closed ones, as well as the Chanel models, or blunt, worn with a sock for more formal ceremonies, while the jeweled sandals are to be reserved for the evening.
And the bags? During the day it is possible to combine a small-medium size bag to be worn over the shoulder or arm, favoring the classic kid, even in the eco version. The clutch or sachet models are forbidden, granted only in the late afternoon, even daring with glitter or more precious decorations.

4. What about your him?

For men, the matter is simpler: a classic gray or dark blue suit is the winning choice to combine with a white or blue shirt. Never wear a tuxedo.
As for the accessories, the tie is in silk in shades of gray, light blue or pastel; red light instead for the bow tie. Green light to cufflinks for lovers of the most refined style. Shoes and belt must be coordinated and black is preferred, even if you are dressed in blue, in smooth kid, but not in patent leather or suede.

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5. Think about your children too!

And the children? There is something for the little ones too! For girls it is good to focus on linear dresses in shades of white, ivory or pastel, to be combined with small cardigans and glittery accessories (ranging from headbands to fancy mini bags with shoulder straps). For boys, it is better to wear a white shirt with a blue or light blue vest and jacket, to be combined with long or knee-length trousers depending on the season. If, on the other hand, the baby of the house has been chosen to act as a pageboy or bridesmaid, it is up to the bride's entourage to think about the clothing and the related expenses