20 years of Friends: the funniest animated GIFs you won't be able to watch without smiling

Ah, how beautiful the times when every night, before dinner, Friends appeared on the screens and delighted with hilarious jokes and so familiar comedy, with its characters who, night after night, became more and more "real" friends and not. only protagonists of a TV series. It has now been 20 years since the year in which the last episode was aired, but Friends does not show signs of getting out of the spotlight (rightly, I would say), thanks to the continuous airing on TV, the box sets and all the "fan video" on YouTube. Below you will find some animated GIFs of some of the funniest scenes from the series' 10 years. What are your favorite moments?

Friends meet in times of need

Pivot ... pivot ... pivoooot!

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Monica's dance to be forgiven by Chandler

With a lot of turkey, sunglasses and hat. And final declaration of love.

The inappropriate song

"I like big butts and I cannot lie ..."

Phoebe, every time she sings "mangy cat"

"Mangy cat, nice big cat, you smell like a goat"

The unforgettable version of Ross's middle finger

If you want, there is also the version with elbows, to make things more interesting ... do you remember her?

Whenever Chandler dances

Adorable. Simply adorable.

Sand games with Joey

Oh Joey. You are incorrigible ...

Ross's teeth whitening

So white that they become fluorescent under the blue neon light.

Whenever Joey tries

"How you doin"? "

When Rachel and Ross "were on a break"

And above all, when the others are locked in a room while Rachel and Ross are engaged in arguing ..

When Joey talks about his relationship with food

"Joey doesn" t share food !! "

When Ross goes to the Solarium

"One missipi, two mississipi, three mississipi ..."

The Christmas Armadillo

Because only Ross can go looking for a Santa costume on December 23rd.

Monica's techniques of seduction ('80s)


Ross's leather pants

"With these pants I feel like I'm in a volcano !!"

Joey imitates Chandler

Oh, Joey. You are a perfect Chandler.

Oh. My God.

Janice, the unforgettable Janice. With her melodious voice ...

Ah, how much we miss you, Friends ....

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