15 things you should never say to a Taurus if you want to see them again!

1. Can I choose the restaurant myself this time?

Are you kidding, right? Did you know that those born under the sign of Taurus love food like few other things? Here, so give up: when it comes to the pleasures of life, Taurus don't compromise much. Did you want an ethnic dinner? You better forget it. Next time, maybe with a Sagittarius or Leo friend.

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2. I don't know if I can trust you ...

What? No, we are not there. Rule No. 1: never say these words to someone born under the sign of Taurus. They could seriously jeopardize your future relationship. Remember: Taurus are among the Zodiac's most loyal friends, as well as loyal companions, unable to betray by nature.

3. You're a little clingy ...

Here, one thing to always keep in mind: Taurus is a sign very linked to affections, so know it, it will show you continuously. Are you a loner and independent type? Then maybe you need less loving people. But be careful, if you keep your distance with those born under the sign of Taurus, do not then pretend to return to them as if nothing had happened, even if - habitual as they are - they are among the signs most willing to forgive a betrayal.

4. You are giving yourself too much to others

It's their nature, period. Those born under the sign of Taurus love to show their affection and they do it by showing an out of the ordinary generosity, yes, very out of the ordinary. Well, what's wrong with that? It's an instinctive need and there's nothing that can be done to force them to be different.

5. Could you give me something less "practical" next Christmas?

"But why", a Taurus person would reply, "that" hard drive I gave you last Christmas was so useful ... Isn't it better to get something you need than "yet another useless gift?". No, dear Taurus, no! Sometimes we also appreciate something useless, wonderfully useless, like a very banal colored shirt, a makeup bag, the fifteenth, and a purse. Yes, another bag!

6. Oh my God, what a mess!

Ok, it's true, people born under the sign of Taurus will certainly not be among the most orderly of the Zodiac, but they orient themselves perfectly in their organized disorder, and say little ... So just complain. That is an "art too!"

7. Stop being so bloody lazy!

Thing? Did you call a Taurus a lazy one? Well, you're in luck because he'll surely be too busy watching House of Cards to answer you!

8. Well, so what are you going to do after graduation?

No, no, no, this is not the right approach to Taurus: let them. They are creative, thoughtful and calm people. They will think about it for themselves, with their own rhythms and times. So, if you are wondering what they will do next the diploma or the reason why they have chosen a degree in Philosophy or a judo course, here, maybe you reflect among yourselves without asking them.

9. You are so spoiled ...

Okay, sometimes Taurus can be a little self-indulgent ... but sorry, didn't you tell them not to give themselves overly to others?

10. Oh, let me help you!

Mmm that's not a great idea. Taurus are quite independent people and a little bit stubborn, best to let them handle it on their own even if you see them in trouble. If they really need, they will give you a nod. But don't count on it too much.

11. You always want to do what you say ...

Well, isn't Taurus the best way to do things? Yes, it is true, they are a bit stubborn, but perhaps precisely because they are right ... Haven't you thought about it?

12. Oops, I forgot my wallet

Well, maybe you have hit a sore spot ... yes, we have said that they are generous, extremely generous, but they usually choose to be generous of their own accord. A word of warning: make sure you always have your wallet on when you go out with a Taurus.

13. Oh, can you lend it to me?

Clothes, books, food. The answer is no! Taurus are a little possessive with their own things ... sometimes because they take great care of them and become attached to them. But come on, they have so many positive qualities that you will surely pass over them.

14. It's not all about money ...

Taurus can be a little materialistic at times, that's true ... but if they can afford it, what's wrong with doing some healthy shopping? At least they have good taste!

15. Have you already given up?

What? Get ready, you have just challenged a Taurus without being aware of it. Yes, because people born under this sign are determined, stubborn and tenacious and a little susceptible: in order not to leave an "enterprise unfinished, even if" impossible, they would remain entangled for centuries. And they do it, rest assured!

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