10 strange places to make love and stimulate the imagination!

To give a flicker of creativity to your romantic relationship or to experience new emotions, you can certainly play with the places to make love. We are not just talking about rooms in the house (even if sex in the kitchen remains one of the most heated fantasies) , but real escapes outside to mix passion and adrenaline. You can experiment with these positions to reach orgasm, for example:

Spoiler: Before embarking on one of these adventures, we remind you to be very careful because experimenting in places like these can be dangerous!

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1. Making love in the dressing room of the department stores

Have you finally managed to convince your man to go shopping with you? It is a date to mark in the annals! To thank him, let him watch a very intimate fashion show ...

Pro: what could be better than combining profit (sales) with pleasure (love)? The dressing rooms are usually large enough, and the music from the shop will drown out the noise.
Cons: have you already noticed how aggressive the light in the dressing rooms is? If you prefer soft lighting, you'll have to find another place!

2. Sex gets hot in the elevator

Who has never been afraid of being stuck in the elevator? What if it happens to you, but why is it YOU who pressed the STOP button? Pleasure is guaranteed!

Pros: the feeling of emptiness caused by the lift amplifies the pleasure.
Cons: if there is no "stop" button and if you don't have to go up at least a few dozen floors, you'll have to be very fast!

3. In the car for those who love the Titanic

Small but comfortable space, the car is the love nest of many couples. Movies and commercials often associate sex and cars (the blonde or brunette with prominent shapes, washing the windshield in skimpy clothes…).

Pro: in a small car, the temperature rises quickly and in a car with fogged windows it takes little to feel Kate Winslet in the arms of Leonardo DiCaprio ...
Cons: for safety reasons, the choice is essential: enjoy or drive? Better stop, of course!

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© iStock Sex in the car: 20 thrilling positions!

4. Have sex on the beach and it's more romantic

What's better than a romantic sunset on a deserted beach? Nothing, especially if the romantic moment turns into a moment of physical pleasure!

Pro: the sea air amplifies the senses, the wind gently caresses you and the sound of the waves is like enveloping music.
Cons: since doing the scrub with grains of sand is not very pleasant, it is better not to forget the bath towel!

4. In the train bathroom for those standing sex

The trip is long? Are the haystacks that pass in front of the window all the same? You can always ignite your partner's hot spirits by dragging him down the hall!

Pros: the bathrooms on the train are larger than those on the planes, and the jolts multiply the sensations.
Cons: controllers guard every corner, be careful not to get caught in full action!

Of course, to make love on the train, you should study these positions

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© iStock 15 positions for standing love

6. Making love in the woods ...

Blue sky, oxygen, fresh grass under your feet ... nothing better than a walk in the woods to awaken the senses!

Pro: it is an intense moment that takes you back to the origins of humanity.
Cons: Ants, flies, mosquitoes, worms and other little friends of the forest will probably want to participate in your games. Woman warned ...

7. Or to the office to take control

Do you spend most of your time at work surrounded by handsome men? Do you come up with malicious ideas as soon as you cross the threshold of your boss's office? So why not take action in this more than unusual place!

Pro: using office hours to make love and, in addition, accumulating overtime! : P
Cons: you go wrong if you work at home, in a beauty salon or ... in the editorial office of a women's magazine!

Then the role play is one of the funniest things when making love, especially when we are the ones who take the scepter of power:

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© aufeminin All positions to take control of the situation!

8. By plane for those who love sex at high altitudes

The exoticism of the journey can give rise to crazy ideas! The flight lasts 10 hours and the film shown is bad? If you manage to be discreet you can turn the crossing into an unforgettable moment!

Pro: according to a scientific study, the altitude multiplies the sensations ... guaranteed orgasm!
Cons: To avoid getting caught in full action, you and your partner will need to be extremely discreet. Avoid the aircraft toilets, which are closely monitored by the crew, and instead do so in the chair, hidden by the deck.

9. In a sauna for the mysterious

Warmth and closeness are the two ingredients that will make you spend a really hot moment! Saunas and Turkish baths invite you to relax… and to enjoy the body.

Pros: you are already half-naked, the space is often small and therefore it is easier to approach without arousing suspicion.
Cons: at 90 ° you get short of breath, so avoid getting too excited if you don't want to risk getting sick.

10. Make love to the cinema for the most nostalgic

Immersed in the dark, sitting in a comfortable armchair, it is difficult not to be tempted! However, we recommend that you go to an early afternoon show or choose a lesser known movie to avoid the crowds!

The pros: Your partner probably won't remember the movie, but they'll never forget that magical moment. Today the star is you!
The cons: Missing the end of the movie can be irritating. We recommend that you start right away or wait for the credits!

Do these proposals tempt you? Be careful, however, making love in a public place can cost you dearly: exhibitionism is condemned by the Criminal Code. There is something to calm down the hot spirits ... or resort to something more "traditional" if the risk is not for you:

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