Educational paths: between writing and sport to grow in health

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Growing up in the modern era is a complex path: children and young people must soon learn to juggle a world full of information that travels at high speed and often they risk feeling overloaded and overwhelmed by this chaos.
For this reason, the school's task is more complex than in the past: in addition to being a guide in cultural and educational terms, it also assumes the function of transmitting how important a correct lifestyle is. As the Ministry of Health also indicates, it is essential to direct the growth path according to the principles of proper nutrition, adopting healthy habits, without forgetting the importance of doing sports.

A future with solid foundations begins to be built as a child

Over the years, sport has consolidated as a complementary activity in the day of many children and young people: those who choose swimming, those who play football, those who dance, almost all children have several extra-curricular commitments to which they can devote time and commitment.
The function of sport embraces multiple areas in the growth path.
In the first place, it allows you to learn what it means to make a commitment. Inserting habits in the planning of weekly activities involves taking on the responsibility of keeping faith with a project to be observed with constancy and determination. It is therefore a question of unconsciously assimilating very important values, which will constitute the pillars of adult life.
This also helps to develop awareness and the ability to bring things to completion, contributing to the growth of strong and determined personalities, who in the future will be able to pursue their ambitions with tenacity.

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If you train you will be a healthier and stronger adult!

Second, but not least, sport is good for health. Whether it takes place in the open air such as athletics, football, rugby, whether it is practiced in an arena such as skating, swimming, hockey or volleyball, practicing physical activity makes you grow healthier and robust, improves breathing and keeps the body trained and strengthened. The results will be seen immediately, but they will also guarantee a better future: you will have more energy and you will get sick less over time.

Do you have a shy or aggressive personality? Learn to manage it by playing sports

Last but not least, the aspect of social interactions must be considered: in sport you become a group, you learn to be in a team (which will be very useful, for example, in working dynamics as adults!) Making the values ​​of humility and cooperation your own. with which to carry out important enterprises, able to give great satisfaction. Sporting activity, carried out with constant frequency, puts us in front of the fact of having to relate to more or less pleasant people, thus learning to bring out the courage to have one's say and prove one's worth, without ever giving up on defeat. .
There is no shortage of reference figures in the competitive world to be inspired by: there are many sportsmen who have made history in Italy and the passion that distinguishes our fans is well known. Nowadays it is nice to see children and young people inspired by prominent personalities in the pursuit of a dream, following in the footsteps of those who are taken as models for their grit and determination in achieving sporting excellence.

How important is sport to you? Put it in writing

For children and young people in primary and lower secondary classes, the writing competition returns again this year, which allows you to transform the passion for writing into a team game. Scrittori di Classe is Conad's initiative, which allows you to put your skills and commitment to good use, just like in a real sporting enterprise.
As Dan Peterson, spokesperson for the project, says, "Inside each of you is a talent waiting to grow"and this represents a splendid opportunity to see the characteristic values ​​of sport applied to a wider-ranging initiative: if you believe in your goals you have to pursue them to the end, without giving up until the end.
To participate in the fourth edition of the writing competition it is necessary that teachers and students work in groups, registering their class on the site
Young talents will test themselves by working as real sports journalists and will have to develop a story inspired by the values ​​of sport and prepare an interview with a famous champion. A jury will evaluate the stories produced and the most exciting interviews, which will become real books distributed in Conad stores, while the winning team will receive vouchers to be used to receive the school catalog prizes for free. Together for the
, as well as having the opportunity to see the dream of truly interviewing the chosen champion come true.
All the information you need to take part in the initiative can be found on the dedicated website, together with educational materials and useful resources to face the challenge and chase the podium of victory for your class.

What better initiative to resume the school year with the right sprint?

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