Sex and love: the difference is ... and it shows!

What is the basis of the relationship you are experiencing? What does your life need right now from a story? Sexuality is a complex and multifaceted sphere. Desire cannot be tagged under the word love or the word sex. You can love someone and have sex with them, just as you can safely have sex with the person you love madly.
Whether it is for sex or for love, here are some curiosities about the vagina that you may not yet know. Are you ready to discover it?

Sex and love after the lockdown

In the spring months, closed at home due to the lockdown, many couples broke out. Others, on the other hand, found themselves, managing to ignite the passion under the sheets due to the greater free time and the forced segregation within the home that has acted as an incentive for sexuality. But what happens now that we are savoring the pleasure of freedom again? During the closure for the Coronavirus, many extramarital affairs remained on standby: not being able to see each other or leave the house, many lovers had to be satisfied with whatsapp messages in the best of cases. It is therefore no wonder that the freedom once again conquered in view of the summer of 2020 will bring with it a great desire to have fun and transgress. More sex than love, for both men and women, probably, because thanks to the sea, the sun and the much sought-after light-heartedness, the majority of singles will look for undemanding relationships while those in a couple on the other hand may find themselves wanting (and to experience) moments of transgression (read: betrayal).In fact, it is no coincidence that casual dating apps have literally gone crazy in recent weeks: the post-coronavirus city confirms itself as the perfect place to give vent to any temptation and betray your partner!

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Are you having sex or are you making love?

Pleasure and fulfillment is a topic that is talked about a lot, you may have read a book about it or listen to a program in which this issue was addressed. It is well known that everyone has their own tastes when it comes to sexual intercourse and generalizing is always risky. There are those who always and only prefer romantic sex, made up of kisses and caresses. Those who always make love in a frenetic and intense way. These you will read below are in fact purely indicative rules that do not exclude a huge variety of exceptions! Obviously, the distinctions exist: when you say that you had sex with your partner or that you made love, you don't mean exactly the same thing. Having sex is linked in the most general conception to a more instinctive relationship, not necessarily occasional, but always based on a strong sexual and physical attraction. Let's say you have sex if the relationship is mainly focused on the physical aspects, if you admire your bodies, and if the "physical" aspect is more important than the emotional component.
If, on the other hand, "the soul" prevails (and this does not mean that the physical aspect is absent) then it is customary to say that love is made: a relationship made up of glances, of eyes that meet, of sweet words and caresses. This does not mean that you are in love or not: you can let yourself go to the most transgressive sex even if you are very romantically involved, indeed in that case it means that you are facing a person with whom things can really work in any respect! As Raffaele Morelli says, who certainly means love and sex and has written many books on these issues, "Each of us is a different flower: and what's good now is only good now!"

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How to tell if it's sex or love: time

Time is a good indicator to understand if what you are experiencing is a story of sex or it is love! Usually when you have sex, times are shorter. It goes straight to the point, carried away by passion and desiring the body of the other more than by the desire for true intimacy. You have the feeling of not being able to wait and everything happens in a compulsive and frantic way. On the other hand, when you make love, you deliberately choose to have a slow pace, to dedicate hours to enjoy every moment. Precious importance is reserved for foreplay: men and women dedicate themselves to pampering and caressing and even the "after" becomes a moment of great emotion and emotional involvement.

The importance of kisses and words

Kisses are a very intimate exchange not only physical but also psychological. A partner who kisses you while you are in bed together is definitely an involved partner and it is probably about love. On the other hand, if in bed he uses his tongue to lick your body but avoids kissing, then it's probably about sex. Even the words you exchange during the most intimate moments can reveal a lot of your relationship: they are all small clues that can reveal the state of mind and the type of desire or feeling you are experiencing in that moment of intimacy, together. Generally, if you exchange dirty confidences or passionate screams you are having sex, if instead you whisper in a low voice how much you love each other well, you are making love!

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Sweetness or transgression?

If in bed the partner touches you gently and if you return his little attentions then obviously you are making love. If, on the other hand, instinct is predominant and you let yourself go even in the hottest relationships and positions, it means that the physical and sexual component is taking over. The thing that obviously matters is what you both want in intimacy: having sex. o making love can be equally adrenaline, exciting and fulfilling and lead to different but equally pleasurable orgasms. You can have great sex with the same person one day and love the next day: this is because definitions do not count. give free rein to one's instincts and feelings. One day fiery, the other day very sweet: what's the problem? woman of your life!

Relationship that evolves over the years: from sex to love

Is it true that when you grow up and consolidate a relationship you stop having sex and start making love? This is a question that everyone asks themselves sooner or later but the answer is less obvious than one might imagine. Because there are couples who even after years and years of relationship continue to have sex because they value instinct and the physical sphere and others, even very young ones, who choose to give greater importance to the emotional component and already feel safe and satisfied by manifesting feelings during the sexual intercourse to each other. Sex and love therefore know neither age nor gender: they are not proper to men or women. Everyone is free to live their sexuality as they see fit and to do whatever makes them feel good! Is there anything more important than this?

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