The 6 things Michelle Obama taught us and how to take them as an example

In politics, smiles are obligatory and, to us, Michelle's seemed sincere from day one.
Becoming first lady means putting every hairdo and every word under the magnifying glass: we have not seen split ends and her speeches have always convinced us.
"Michelle Obama changed the role of the First Lady forever," writes American journalist Gloria Steinem in the New York Times Magazine. "She has managed to do what no" other First Lady has: living in the spotlight without sacrificing privacy and authenticity. "

Maybe you have it on the tip of your keyboard, so let's try to anticipate you. Yes, it was also important for us Italians.
Michelle represents that femininity, elegance and strength to which we should all aspire, no matter the country or the color of the skin. He spoke with the right amount of honesty and audacity, agreed to make fun of himself and wore his role with an "elegance and determination that makes us say" yes, we can ".
Michelle Obama has become a model to follow: we should all take an example from her, whether we sit in Parliament or behind a keyboard. And these are the 6 lessons we can learn and replicate.

1. Face the day in style

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Many have compared her to Jackie Kennedy for her attention to fashion. Michelle Obama approached every single day with a head and high heels: elegant, yet simple, she managed to bring her colorful style to the White House. If Jackie wore Givenchy, Michelle opted several times for Prabal Gurung's Nepalese fashion: both chose an authentic style that really represented them.
We too, every morning, should be careful what we decide to wear: the more it will be in line with our personality, the more we will feel at ease. Among the 10 daily actions to take care of yourself, taking care of your style is certainly one of the most important. And there is no need for a First Lady wardrobe, just a detail, such as a special bag or a metallic lipstick!

2. Be proud of your origins

In her biography, Michelle relates that a few weeks after arriving in Princeton, her roommate's white parents asked to change her apartment. For the first time, Michelle realized that her color made her less worthy of that prestigious university to the eyes of others.
From that day on, she decided to use critical looks to reinforce herself, to create an even stronger bond with those who looked like her: Black Girls Rock is the ultimate example of this effort.
Let's not deny our origins, but let's use them to our advantage.

3. Dance to sing without shame

She sang in Carpool Karaoke alongside Missy Elliot. She danced as if there were no spotlights in front of her.

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If the First Lady does it, what are you waiting for to take the microphone in hand and go wild?
It will only do you good: sing, even if you are out of tune, to learn how to tease yourself a little more; and dance, even without following the rhythm, to release all the stress.
You choose the steps and notes: go for it!

4. Nutrition and exercise are essential

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#armsgoals is the hashtag that, shortly after her first appearance as First Lady, became popular on the Internet: such toned arms had never been seen in politics!
During the eight years of her mandate, Michelle has repeatedly stressed the importance of a correct lifestyle, denouncing the very high rate of American childhood obesity and the lack of information on nutrition and training.
Again he did not fail to lead by example, as when he challenged Ellen Degeneres live in a series of push-ups.
A balanced diet, some cleansing detoxes and constant exercise will make us stronger. Outside and Inside.

5. We are women, besides the legs there is more

When Michelle spoke of Trump, during the last elections, she did so by bringing out all the grit that a wounded woman has, attacking the machismo of the now new President of the United States.
"Let's face it: strong men, the ones who are truly role models, don't need to offend women to prove their power."
He urged girls to choose books before boyfriends, because education is important, while crushes can wait. And he met Alexis Bledel, Rory of A Mom for a Friend, to promote the Let Girls Learn initiative.

Michelle tells us: be respected, make your voice heard. We are women, besides legs or makeup there is a great desire for revenge and respect. Sometimes our lipsticks hide a scream and our heels a strength waiting to be revealed. Let's do it, and let's do it together.

6. Choose the right person by your side to walk at the same pace

Let's just look at some photos and hope to have the same luck to meet a person to accompany us, always holding hands.