Foot scrub: here are the recipes to do it directly at home

Making a foot scrub using just the ingredients you have at home is really simple. To fill up with energy and good mood, discover the super effective coffee scrub recipe! For a natural foot scrub, you don't need all this time: to bring these benefits to our suffering feet, it is not even essential to purchase ready-to-use products in perfumery or pharmacies. Keep reading!

Home remedies: all low-priced and effective natural scrubs.

In your fridge or in your cupboard there are all or almost all the natural products you need to prepare an effective and vegetable scrub to be combined with essential oils and the excellent tea tree oil, which also fights acne, is useful for fumigations in case of colds, as a natural mouthwash, as a healing agent and for toning massages.
Peppermint, brown sugar and salt: you will see what a surprising effect!
There is a wide choice of mixtures and doughs, you can choose, therefore, based on the products and ingredients you prefer, that you already have at home or maybe you can try them all and then decide which one you think is the best recipe. For example , a few drops of peppermint oil mixed with sugar and olive oil relieves muscle pain in the feet and ankles, cooling them, softening them and eliminating dead skin. For hardened, thick and sometimes cracked skin on the heels, the mixture is excellent natural sweet almond oil and salt, after a nice foot bath in salted water or brown sugar (now loved by many also for coffee and cakes, because it is much healthier than refined white sugar) with coconut oil , which reactivates the circulation and relieves muscle pain.
Bicarbonate, eucalyptus, lavender and rosemary: take advantage of their magical properties.
To free your feet from inflammation and disinfect them, prepare a paste with brown sugar, linseed oil and drops of eucalyptus with crushed rose petals. Certainly, bicarbonate, a natural product essential at home and which softens the skin of the feet, dissolved in hot water, could not be missing from the list of products useful for the well-being of the foot. If there are calluses, you can mix it with water and rub it lightly on the callused area for an immediate effect of softness and pain relief. A paste of brown sugar and lavender oil or coconut oil and cinnamon or rosemary oil mixed with a cup of ground coffee are a real cure-all for dry foot skin or even aloe vera juice mixed with olive oil and yellow flour.
These scrubs are also useful for the hands and nail contours.

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Scrub and peeling: same goal with different methods.

The scrub is a product that can be made at home or industrially; serves to eliminate dead skin in a decisive way, they are useful for the whole body and also for the nails and hands. It should be done a couple of times a week. Both scrubs and peels are designed to eliminate dead skin, but with different techniques. The first uses microgranules to be rubbed on the skin, the second instead is based on very effective products, such as glycolic acid. The peeling gives a feeling of greater delicacy, because it does not involve the exfoliation phase. The scrub is a technique to exfoliate the skin very gently with very moisturizing and nourishing creams: it is therefore particularly suitable for those with sensitive skin, prone to rosacea and breaking of capillaries.

We take care of our feet: they are more important than we think.

Taking care of your feet especially in summer is very important. The feet are fundamental for the health of the body, our standing posture and the way we walk are conditioned by them; corns and calluses make us assume antalgic positions that are also harmful to the spine and hip. Therefore, after the foot bath and scrub, they also need an effective aesthetic pedicure to show themselves barefoot or with a pair of sandals without any embarrassment. Obviously you can contact a beauty center, but knowing how to manage it yourself at certain times can be very useful. Remove the nail polish first with a good quality oily acetone. A foot bath with water and salt or bicarbonate (one of the grandmother's advice always valid to free the feet from the sense of fatigue and from the marks of uncomfortable shoes), a massage with the scrub and then the pumice stone on the most hardened areas. Foot bath and scrub also soften the nails, eliminating the layers of dead skin on the sides as well as those of the heel and the sole of the foot. Your whole body will benefit from it.
A protective base must always be applied under the nail polish to prevent the nails from yellowing and the top coat on top to make the nail polish shine and make it last for a long time. Do not remove the cuticles, but soften them and gently push them towards the contour of the nail with a wooden stick. Spread a moisturizing cream on the epidermis of the foot or some olive oil and always use only cardboard files.

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Foot mask, cosmetics and medicines for your feet: from perfumery to pharmacy.

Just as shampoo and conditioner are not enough for the hair, so also for the feet, in addition to foot baths and scrubs, foot masks must be used from time to time, especially when summer approaches. A good moisturizing mask can also be made at home with a pack of shea butter and honey with olive oil and a little lemon applied like all other foot masks for half an hour. If you wear socks afterwards. will have greater effect. They bring benefits and relaxation to the whole body, especially if you use lavender oil with coconut oil, olive oil, honey and shredded flowers. We are still in the DIY, but these natural masks have nothing to envy to perfumery products except for quick use without preliminary preparation. After a scrub, peeling or gommage treatment it is important not to sunbathe too much and always keep the skin nourished and hydrated. Doing a scrub rejuvenates your skin. The benefits of the scrub also benefit the physiological turnover of cells, as dead skin always looks grayish, dull, dull. With the exfoliation on every part of your body, the skin will become radiant, young and healthy. If you buy these products in pharmacies or in perfumery ready-made, choose exfoliants, with natural ingredients obtained from vegetable substances, such as seeds and ground kernels, free of polluting microplastics for the environment, especially for the sea and which also damage the foods of which there are we feed. These industrial products can also be purchased online with fast and free shipping. There are also some at an affordable price and with a good INCI. The important thing is that they do not contain silicones, parabens and other substances harmful to the health of our body. There are also excellent anti-fatigue bio-oil gels or those with ICE effect that give immediate relief to swollen, tired feet and heavy legs or creams to talc effect that absorb sweat and stop the production of bad odors There are also moisturizers with an intense and lasting effect for dry or very dry skin, you just have to choose!
If you suffer from allergies, use pharmacy products, hypoallergenic gel and cream. There you will also find remedies for calluses and calluses of the foot that has to bear all the weight of the body and also for swollen ankles.
All these products have been specifically designed for the well-being of your feet and to solve all your problems.

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Foot massage: a guaranteed relaxation effect!

After a scrub, peeling or gommage treatment, it is important not to sunbathe too much, always keep the skin nourished and hydrated, do relaxing massages that improve the condition of tired and swollen feet, especially if they are performed by a lymphatic drainage expert or an osteopath. The other types of massages, those for sports or therapeutic, such as foot reflexology, must absolutely be practiced by qualified personnel in this regard and in the most appropriate way to the patient's conditions. As regards foot reflexology, a doctor's opinion is needed: it is not recommended if you are hypertensive, cardiovascular patients, pregnant women, diabetics or if you suffer from nerve and bone diseases. Relaxing massages, on the other hand, produce a wonderful sense of relaxation, relieve pain, eliminate or lighten swelling of the feet and that sense of heaviness and stress, which takes so many at the end of a particularly tiring day.

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