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Régine Deforges was born in Montmorillon in 1935 and died in Paris in April last year. Educated in various religious institutes, she was marked by what happened to her at the age of fifteen: her personal diary was stolen in which she noted her passion for a schoolmate and this forced her into a public pillory which ended with the obligation of burn all his notebooks. From this episode he would have taken inspiration for the 1978 novel, Le Cahier wanted. Devoured by a passion for literature, she dedicated her entire existence to books, not only as an author, essayist and screenwriter, but also as a bookseller (she opened several bookstores in Paris and its province) and as a publishing house, founding her own publishing house in 1968 , L'Or du temps. Engaged in the defense of women's rights, she has published numerous novels, erotic and otherwise, including the cycle of The Bicyclette bleue, Sous le ciel de Novgorode Toutes les femmes s "appellent Marie.

Every so often you introduce something into the dark hole: flowers, feathers, lighted candles. I like having an object in my asshole while you look at me ... I sway my pelvis to turn you on more. You groan ... I know, then, that you unbutton your striped velvet pants ... I'm wet ... I begin to back up towards you - the game is to offer you only my ass. If I have feathers in the backside I swing so that they come to caress your glans. If there is a lighted candle, I let a few drops of wax fall on your stretched rod. Let out little screams as the burning wax hits the stiffened flesh. I complain like a baby claiming the mother's breast. So you rip off what I have in my ass and take its place in no uncertain terms. Scream ... you don't care, you stick deeper and deeper, faster and faster ... it's beautiful! We enjoy grunting like animals ...

The hurricane - original title, L'Orage - is a short novel published in 1996 by Éditions Blanche, a little madness of love as terrible as it is dazzling. A young Frenchman from the 1960s who is about to cross the border between China and Vietnam receives news of the death of his uncles, who died within a few days of each other. Appointed sole heir, he returns to his homeland to take possession of the house of his relatives in the province. Browsing through the different rooms, he discovers a double bottom in the drawer of a secretary and finds there a notebook with a black cover, where an almost childlike writing has traced the title: The Hurricane.

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The young man reads the manuscript in one breath: it is a sort of diary drawn up by Marie, the aunt, in the days following the death of her husband Édouard, and before her own death. Marie appears so upset by her grief that she loses her mind. Not being able to accept it, his love for Édouard was so great and all-encompassing, he behaves as if he were still alive: not only does he continue to obsessively rethink sex lived with him (as happens for example for the anal intercourse described in the passage ), but not a day goes by that he does not go to the cemetery, to his grave, to touch himself imagining him present there. In the mad exaltation of pain, she decides to abandon herself in a reckless manner to all the most perverse erotic fantasies that her husband had about her, to the point of indulging an entire family in an orgy with devastating results and, finally, committing suicide. The nephew, shocked by the reading, is undecided whether to publish that furious and obscene manuscript, but decides to do so also in order to investigate the real reasons for his aunt's death.

Deforges' book is undoubtedly full of an erotic charge that is explosive to say the least, but at the same time what is most striking is her ability to narrate the strength of a devastating feeling, which tries to make room for itself even beyond the reasons of life and death, to the point of becoming madness. Marie's love, with the overwhelming and murderous force of a hurricane, leaves nothing behind but pain and destruction. But are we sure that this would have been what her beautiful and perverse Édouard would have wished for her?

by Giuliana Altamura

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