The best positions for making love in bed: from missionary to spoon, green light to the imagination!

To make love in bed stimulating and creative, we must learn to experiment even in one of the places that will be most familiar to us, always. We believe we have already explored the world of sexual positions because the place where we do it is "the place "par excellence. Below you will find the most suitable positions for your him.

  1. · The missionary position for making love in bed
  2. · To make love in bed, experience the Amazon (or Andromache)
  3. · When you make love in bed you can also do doggy style
  4. · To change position to make love in bed try 69
  5. · The spoon: the position for making love in bed and cuddling

And now let's discover together the best positions to make love in bed

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The best positions to achieve female orgasm

The missionary position for making love in bed

Description: it is one of the great classics for making love in bed, the most natural position among all those that includes the kamasutra. The woman is lying on her back, with her legs open, while the partner lies down on top of her, leaning to the bed with your knees or elbows so as not to weigh too much on your partner.

Pleasure: with the missionary, the man derives more pleasure from the position of the missionary than the woman.In fact, it is he who controls everything: rhythm, intensity of penetration, inclination of the penis. The woman has little room for movement, and can only move her pelvis and legs to get better stimulation of the clitoris. It is not the most suitable position for achieving the female orgasm.

Advantages: ideal for the most romantic, it is a position for making love in bed that favors the looks. The two bodies are completely in contact, the lovers are facing each other and can look into each other's eyes and kiss. passionately Easy and natural, this is the typical "first time" position.

Disadvantages: sometimes considered too monotonous and banal, the missionary has, according to many, an excessively routine dimension. Not recommended for the more dynamic and risk lovers. If monotony scares you, here is a book that will help you keep it away by rekindling the fire of passion.

Missionary is your favorite position but would you like to make it hotter? Try to get tied up with these gorgeous Lelo "handcuffs" and let him have control!

To make love in bed, experience the Amazon (or Andromache)

Description: the Amazon or Andromache is one of the positions for making love in bed that favors female domination over the man's body. Its name derives from the stories of Homer, in which Andromache rode her husband Hector and sees the man lying on his back with the woman sitting or squatting on top of him.

Pleasure: it is often the position that sexologists recommend to women who want to reach orgasm, mostly vaginal. This in fact favors female pleasure, as the woman herself controls the situation: she chooses the inclination of her body, the angle and depth of penetration, the rhythm of movements. Furthermore, since it is the anterior area of ​​the vagina that is particularly stressed, the position of the Andromache is favorable to the stimulation of the G-spot.

Advantages: the man has his hands free and can therefore caress his lover's clitoris, buttocks or breasts at will. Furthermore, the position of the Andromache tends to slow down male orgasm, an excellent remedy against premature ejaculation, which is very common among men.

Disadvantages: While many men love to indulge their erotic desire for submission, others may not like being dominated at all.

Do you want to take the initiative? Sit astride him and start a slow and sensual massage, perhaps with a 2 in 1 massage oil that can also be used as a lubricant.

When you make love in bed you can also do doggy style

Positions for making doggie love

Description: the doggie-style is undoubtedly the most recurring position in the erotic fantasies of men, both as a position for making love in bed and ... everywhere! doggie it has an animal connotation because the woman gets on all fours and the man, on his knees, penetrates her from behind.

The pleasure: the doggie style allows for very deep penetration, a union of the bodies to the end. The penetration can take place according to several angles: sideways, up or down, satisfying the tastes and preferences of the two lovers.

Advantages: the man can have access to the clitoris during penetration and thus multiply the pleasures of both. His hands can also move over the partner's body.

Disadvantages: This position risks lacking in romance. For this reason many couples prefer other ways of making love in which the two bodies can look into each other's eyes and express, in addition to passion, even more explicit manifestations of sweetness. Furthermore, if carried out with too much energy, it could prove to be painful for the woman.

To change position to make love in bed try 69

Positions for making love in bed 69

Description: as symbolized by the famous number, with this position for making love in bed the two partners are lying on each other, with their heads in opposite directions. The mouth of one is against the sex of the other and the two partners practice fellatio and cunnilingus on each other.

Pleasure: The 69 represents pleasure to the nth degree. The lips and tongue of each of the two have access to the most sensitive areas of the other's body. Clitoris, vagina and penis are stimulated simultaneously, for intense and shared pleasure. So you can turn love in bed into real magic!

Advantages: practiced as a foreplay, 69 is an ideal position to increase mutual pleasure and excitement.

Disadvantages: some people do not appreciate 69 because focusing on the other's pleasure prevents them from completely abandoning themselves to their own sensations.

The spoon: the position for making love in bed and cuddling

Description: Here is a symbolically rich term: with this sexual position, the two partners are lying on the same side, like two teaspoons. The man, in contact with the woman's back, penetrates her.

Pleasure: As with doggy style, the spoon allows for deeper vaginal penetration, which is very pleasant for both partners. In addition, the sensation of perfect "interlocking" gives the impression of total fusion. It turns out to be one of the positions for making love in bed, perfect for being cuddled too.

Advantages: It is a position for making love restful. Recommended when you are tired, for example after an evening in which you have drunk a lot. Sweetness, slowness and tenderness are required. It is also a position that is very popular with pregnant women, who they can make love without the annoyance of the baby bump.

Disadvantages: you have to love calm and quiet cuddles. It is not particularly suitable for the wild and lovers of dynamic sex.

And if now your curiosity has arisen and your imagination has turned on, leaf through the book of love