Weekly horoscope from December 3 to 9: Venus enters Scorpio!

Aries: no more opposite Venus!

Dear Aries, great news for your sign! Starting from Monday, Venus will no longer be in opposition: you will finally be able to say goodbye to the sentimental problems of the last period and find some serenity next to your boyfriend. Monday, on the other hand, will be a rather stressful day due to an opposite moon that will bring you tiredness and nervousness. Lucky days of the week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Taurus: tough week ...

Dear Toro, unfortunately a very heavy week awaits you. Venus and Mercury in opposition will also be joined by the moon on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when you will have to make a good effort to stay calm! In love, quarrels with the partner could escalate and, in some cases, lead to a breakup. Bet everything on Sunday, when you will have the moon on your side to support you.

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Gemini: a great start to the week!

Dear Gemelli, your week begins with a Monday with a favorable moon, in which some good news could arrive from afar ... Thursday, Friday and Saturday, on the other hand, will be rather nervous days: the moon in opposition will put obstacles in your path and to reach the results you have set yourself will have to wait! Love smiles at you in the second half of the week. Find out now what are the best adjectives to describe your sign:

Cancer: long live love!

Dear Cancer, this week the planet of love finally returns to your side! After creating some turbulence in your life as a couple, Venus is now ready to give you the serenity you are looking for. Meetings are also favored at work, especially on lucky moon days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Instead, pay attention to Sunday, when the opposite moon can re-emerge some tension in the family.

Leo: in search of balance ...

Dear Leo, unfortunately this week Venus is back in an unfavorable position for your sign ... If you are experiencing tensions at work, be careful not to dump them on your partner. It is a rather delicate moment in which being able to find a balance between the two areas will not be so immediate. The most tense days of the week will be those of Tuesday and Wednesday. On the weekend, however, the moon will help you regain your energy.

Virgo: what a week!

Dear Virgo, a truly exceptional week awaits you! As early as Monday, Venus returns to favor your sign: singles could make new encounters, while old-time couples will experience a particularly favorable moment. Confirmations and acknowledgments are also possible at work. Luckiest days of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. A little nervous, however, on Monday.

Libra: bye bye, Venus!

Dear Libra, this week Venus abandons your sign to move to that of Scorpio, but do not panic: the complicity and passion established with your partner in the last period will have the opportunity to grow even more. Monday will be a super lucky day, with the moon in your sign, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be equally positive. On Sunday, however, something unexpected could happen that will upset your plans ...

Scorpio: love and passion!

Dear Scorpio, this week the planet Venus returns in conjunction in your sign! A period of great happiness and satisfaction from a sentimental point of view opens up for you. Mercury will also be in your sign and there will be prizes and bonuses in the workplace, especially possible in the two really super days of Tuesday and Wednesday, when the moon will also be in conjunction. Better than this…!

Sagittarius: lucky days!

Dear Sagittarius, your week starts well with a beautiful favorable moon on Monday, which can bring you good news, especially in the professional field. But the really lucky days of the week will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday: expect interesting meetings, new opportunities and lots of fun! Even on the sentimental front, some good news are possible, especially for couples who have been together for some time ...

Capricorn: Venus returns to smile at you!

Dear Capricorn, finally this week you can breathe a good sigh of relief! Venus will no longer be unfavorable to your sign and will help your couple recover from the crisis of the last period. If, on the other hand, you are single, keep your eyes open: it is a very favorable time to make important meetings. Mercury also brings you good news in the workplace. No day: Monday. Super lucky day: Sunday.

Aquarius: relationship problems ...

Dear Aquarius, unfortunately this week the planet Venus stops favoring you and puts a spoke in the wheel of your relationship ... Tuesday and Wednesday will be particularly nervous, try to postpone discussions with your partner until the weekend, when you will have the moon on your side. part. Even at work there may be slowdowns or misunderstandings with bosses and colleagues, especially possible in the central part of the week.

Pisces: love is once again the protagonist!

Dear Pisces, finally this week the planet of love is back on your side! Venus is ready to give you a lot of passion, to give birth to new loves and to make the old ones even stronger and more stable. Between Tuesday and Wednesday you could have interesting meetings, especially in the workplace. Instead, pay attention to the days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when an unfavorable moon could create some blocks for you.

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