Sunken eyes: how to make them up to make them stand out

Sunken eyes need some little trick to recreate with makeup, to instantly appear larger. It is always important to take into account the color of the iris when putting on make-up, to choose the right colors, but the shape of the eyes also plays an important role in the harmony of the whole face. Before continuing, watch the video below: it contains a tutorial to recreate a delicate make-up all over the face.

How to tell if your eyes are sunken

Before revealing how to make up the sunken eye, we want to give you some tips to determine in total autonomy if your eyes are really small and sunken as you think. Doing it is really very simple, first you will have to look at the eyelids, in this way you can already partially determine the shape of the eye.

  • Stand in front of the mirror: if the upper eyelid is not visible then you will have single eyelid eyes also called oriental.
  • If the eyelid is visible, open your eyes wide: if you notice that only now the line of the eyelid disappears, you will have so-called hooded eyes, otherwise eyes with a high upper lid.

Bulging eyes or sunken eyes? Evaluate the position relative to the orbits!
Based on the depth of your eyes, it is possible to say that: if they are positioned deep inside the eye sockets, they can be defined as sunken or sunken eyes, while if they are clearly positioned outside the eye sockets, they will have protruding eyes.

The cut of the eye also plays a decisive role. Just look at the outer corner of your eyes, drawing an imaginary horizontal line in the center of the eye: if the angle is above the line then you will have eyes at the eye. upwards, on the contrary the eyes will be downwards.

Finally, you will need to evaluate how the eyes are positioned in relation to the whole face. They could be close together, when the internal space between the two is less than the length of the eyes themselves, or they will be distant eyes if the space were to be greater. They are also defined as big eyes when they exceed the size of the nose and mouth, while small eyes if, on the contrary, they are smaller.

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Sunken eyes: how to make them up

It is not always easy to make a make-up suitable for sunken eyes, this is because the particular shape of the eye could be misleading. Here is a guide with the colors and finishes to choose to get a perfect result.

Fold of the eye: colors to choose, what to do, what to avoid
For the crease of the eye, choose a matte eyeshadow of a medium shade, so that the color tends to optically "dig" the crease and fixed eyelid area, which is usually very pronounced in sunken eyes.
Better to avoid a satin and pearly eyeshadow color, because they would only highlight the area in which they are applied, emphasizing even more the sunken eyes.

The colors to apply and those to avoid in the inner corner of the eye
In general, the inner corner of the eye must always be well lit through the use of light colors, preferably satin or pearly. In this way the gaze will be immediately wider and the "closed" effect of sunken eyes will be muffled.
What should be avoided, however, is to apply medium / dark colors in the inner corner (which is done only to correct distant eyes).

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How to make up the outer corner of the sunken eye?
To make the eye appear more "open", dark colors must be used to contrast those applied to the inner corner. Never use too light or pearly colors and never go too far down, otherwise the eye will appear more closed and downward.

Sunken eyes and lower eyelid: should you wear makeup?
With the help of a pen brush, you can apply the eyeshadow to be blended then to lighten the stroke.
Never create dark and too sharp lines, they would only harden the look.

To bead or not to bead the sunken eye?
The edging of the sunken eye should be done with a well-tempered pencil to create a thin line, to be fixed with a flat brush. Avoid too thick lines, especially with black eyeliner, which tends to close the eye even more.

The question of the internal rhyme
Along the lower rhyme of those with sunken eyes, you need to use light colors, a white pencil for example, but also shades such as bronze, gold or flesh-colored. The black pencil in the inner rhyme is not suitable.

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