Say goodbye to itching and burning with these 4 after-bite devices!

Do you want to enjoy some fresh air without having to spend the following hours scratching yourself continuously for insect bites? We at alfemminile have the definitive solution: here are the 4 best post-bite devices to always carry with you!

  1. Beurer BR 60 counteracts itching and pain thanks to heat
  2. · Bite Away is a medical device with immediate effect!
  3. · Zig Zag: the post-puncture pen suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin
  4. · Gel after vape puncture: a 100% vegetable treatment

The post-sting devices are products to be applied directly on the sting or on the irritated area to immediately soothe that annoying itching sensation or - worse - pain due to contact with insects (mosquitoes, bees, wasps, gadflies etc.), stinging plants or jellyfish . They can be both electronic, functioning thanks to the emission of heat, and natural, based on plant ingredients such as aloe vera and chamomile. The effectiveness of these devices requires their repeated application throughout the day. These will anesthetize the stings, blocking the stinging effect and giving prolonged relief over time.If you didn't know them, now it's time to do it!

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Beurer BR 60 counteracts itching and pain thanks to heat

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There is a product that more than others guarantees immediate relief from annoying stings and painful post-puncture skin irritation: Beurer BR 60. A device that, thanks to a ceramic plate capable of emitting heat, acts in a targeted way on the our skin, relieving inflammation and accelerating healing times. The advice we give you is to use the 3 second mode if you have sensitive skin, otherwise go for 6 seconds of intense but effective heat! The virtues of this medical device also extend to the contrasting action it exerts on toxic substances resulting from the sting, preventing them from spreading like wildfire on the epidermis. Small and handy, you can take it everywhere with you!

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Bite Away is a medical device with immediate effect!

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If you want to enjoy your quality time outdoors without worrying about being invaded by mosquitoes, bees and other insects - and the dire consequences that come with these close encounters - the must-have to keep in your bag is undoubtedly Bite Away. It is a medical device that, thanks to the heat emitted, acts immediately against itching, pain and swelling. Dermatologically tested and free of chemicals, its mechanism is simple and immediate: by choosing between the two buttons available, the device will be able to give off heat for 3 or 6 seconds, depending on your preference and skin type. Our advice is to apply it on the sting for at least 3/4 times a day. It is also suitable for pregnant women, people allergy sufferers and children.

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Zig Zag: the post-puncture pen suitable for the most sensitive and delicate skin

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If your skin is particularly sensitive, we advise you to counteract pain and itching with the Zig Zag after-bite pen. Free of ammonia, alcohol, parabens and allergens, it gives an immediate sense of relief and soothes mosquito and other insect bites as well as injuries due to contact with stinging plants or jellyfish. Its dermatologically tested composition based on aloe vera, calendula, chamomile and mallow, has an emollient and calming effect on inflamed skin and is also suitable for that of the little ones. A further advantage of this lotion is due to the fact that it is not greasy. No wonder the excellent reviews about it!

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Gel after vape puncture: a 100% vegetable treatment

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Vape's after-bite product is a cosmetic gel with moisturizing and soothing virtues. Passing its roll-on applicator on our skin will be like receiving a gentle and delicate caress. Composed of a 100% vegetable formula, inside it is completely absent both ammonia and alcohol, two particularly invasive and harmful substances. Thanks to the Vape cosmetic gel you will be able to treat the bites not only of mosquitoes, but also of other insects such as horseflies, bees and wasps. Being small in size, we recommend that you put it inside your beach bag and take it with you to the beach: the action of the aloe vera contained within it will also prove extremely useful in the treatment of injuries caused by jellyfish.

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