Hair dye: 5 tricks to keep a bright and bright red!

Red is a very glamorous color, not for nothing are many women who decide to dye their hair red. Whatever shade you choose, red is a challenging color to maintain because it tends to discharge and therefore fade very easily.
With some tricks, however, it is possible to keep it intact for as long as possible, to show off a bright and shiny hair! Let's see how to do it.

Meanwhile, in this video, here are some tips to maintain the shine of the hair, both natural and dyed.

Natural reds are a small number, about 1% of the world population and, moreover, according to some researchers, they are destined to disappear over the next decades.

Despite this, red in all its shades remains one of the most loved coloring tones, see the recent rise of the Cherry Bombre nuance.

Be careful, however, because this color is also one of the most difficult to maintain and quickly discharges losing its intensity and brilliance in a short time. Let's see how to extend this dye in excellent condition.

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1. Protect your hair from the sun

The first rule to respect in order not to make the red opaque is to protect the hair as much as possible from the sun (even if it is not in the middle of summer). In fact, red is very sensitive to exposure to UV rays which make the color fade a lot.

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2. Don't wash your hair too often

Frequent washing of hair is not good for red color, because it dulls it and makes it lose its vibrancy and shine. Unless you have very oily hair, try to limit washing to essential: 2 shampoos a week may be enough.
Another tip: if you have just dyed your hair red, avoid bathing it in pool water for at least two weeks, as the chlorine will make the color fade immediately.

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3. Wash your hair with cold water

We know, in winter it may not be particularly pleasant ... But in reality it is essential in order not to alter the color. Heat is in fact the enemy of the brilliance of the dye because it opens the hair cuticle and makes the red pigments go away. This does not happen with cold water, take courage!

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4. Natural remedies for a bright and bright red

To revive red hair there are several very valid natural remedies, starting with the most classic of all: henna. Ask your herbalist or pharmacy for advice on the one that best suits your shade of red. Moreover, henna also helps to reduce dandruff and regulate sebum production, so it is perfect if you have red and slightly oily hair.

A mask that moisturizes the hair and at the same time enhances the red color can also be prepared by melting butter in a bain-marie together with the juice of half an orange: then keep it on for about half an hour and rinse.

The rinses with apple cider vinegar are also very useful for making the color more intense, and, although little known, grapeseed oil is particularly effective: try mixing 3 or 4 tablespoons with a few drops of rosemary essential oil, apply the preparation on the hair before washing, leave it to act for a quarter of an hour and proceed. You will see that your red will be shiny again!

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5. Use specific and color enhancing products

Specific shampoo and conditioner for dyed hair help a lot to fix the color better and longer, keeping it alive and bright. Choose good quality and delicate formulations that do not contain aggressive substances such as sulphates that would damage the color in the long run.

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The same goes for reviving products: these are masks / serums that can be used instead of conditioners and which help to enhance the nuances of one's own color tone thanks to active coloring pigments.
To amplify the results, the extra tip is to heat the hair with the hairdryer for a couple of minutes after applying the product and covering the head with a cap.

Here are some products specifically designed to make the color more vivid and brilliant.

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And if you love red, but are undecided about the hue, there is a wide variety to choose from: from the sweetest to the most intense and decisive.

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