Perineum massage: everything you need to know about perineal massage in pregnancy

The perineum massage, also called perineal massage, can be very useful for women during pregnancy, in preparation for childbirth. The perineum is that anatomical region between the vagina and the anus, made up of those soft tissues that close the lower part of the pelvis. It is precisely the muscles of the perineum that make up the famous "pelvic floor", which supports the abdominal cavity and which risks - during childbirth - to suffer lacerations.

The perineum massage is recommended for pregnant women precisely because it prepares the perineum for childbirth, in which the muscle layers are likely to stretch. With the perineal massage you can train the area, toning it and increasing its elasticity, thus reducing the risk of lacerations during childbirth.

Perineal massage, in addition to making the perineum tissue more flexible, helps to avoid prolapses as the baby is born. So let's find out together how and when to start this massage. Meanwhile, here's a nice video on how to pamper your baby in the belly:

Which oil to use for perineal massage?

Like all massages, perineal massage also requires an oil with which to rub the tissues. The most suitable massage oil in this case is a specific oil for perineal massages: on the market you will find more than one product at a not too high price. Generally it is a product based on olive oil, sweet almonds and vitamins. And, able to increase the elasticity of the skin.

If you don't have a specific product for perineum massage, you can use a vegetable oil (olive, sweet almond, jojoba ...). Avoid mineral or water-based ones instead.

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How is the perineum massage done?

A pregnant woman can perform the perineum massage on her own without any problems, or - if she prefers - she can have it performed by a "midwife or by the partner himself. If you choose to do it alone, however, it will always be better to talk to the doctor first. that is following you.

First, try to relax, so as to relax the perineal muscles and make the massage more effective. You can choose, for example, to give yourself a nice warm bath. Wash your hands carefully, so as not to risk introducing germs into the vagina and the birth canal, and be careful to cut your nails well to avoid scratching yourself.

Take a comfortable position for you: you can safely practice the perineal massage in bed, resting your back on pillows and bending your legs. Lubricate your thumbs with massage oil and insert them into the vagina about an inch so that the other fingers rest on the buttocks.

Press your thumbs towards the anus and the side walls of the vagina, holding the thumbs in this position for about a minute. Try to breathe deeply and relax the muscles if they feel tense. You should feel a slight burning and sensation of muscle stretching.

At this point, proceed with a massage of the lower half of the vagina, moving the thumbs in "U" movements back and forth, up and down, for about 2 minutes. Repeat the entire massage, which should last a total of 5 minutes. The results will only come if you do the perineum massage for a few weeks.


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Perineal massage: when to start practicing it during pregnancy?

If you are wondering from which week of pregnancy it is recommended to start the perineum massage, it is easy to say! The general indication is to start the massage from the 34th week of pregnancy, practicing it once or twice a week for a duration of 5-10 minutes.

Starting from the 37th week, however, you can practice the massage every day, for about ten minutes or - possibly - even more (increasing the timing on a regular basis).

The perineal massage has no contraindications and can be practiced by all pregnant women, as long as there are no infections in the vagina: in this case it is better not to do it. The important thing, however, to avoid risks, is to always take care of hygiene and always remember to wash your hands before starting.

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