Brewer's yeast: a thousand uses of a precious beauty ally

Stop for a moment to think about how useful brewer's yeast is! Yes, the yeast that you normally use together with the flour in the creation of many recipes can prove to be an indispensable ally for your beauty and the well-being of your body. This ingredient, which can never be missing at home, in fact performs the functions of a real supplement, helping your organs to work better. By continuing to read this article, you will find out how good brewer's yeast can do you. But among the many possible uses, don't forget that you can also use it in the preparation of delicious leavened dough! If you have a cube in the fridge, it's time to prepare a delicious pizza!

What is brewer's yeast

When we talk about brewer's yeast we mean a product born from the cultivation and fermentation on a layer of malt of a microorganism, the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a particular type of mushroom that even the ancients used to produce beer. For your leavened doughs you can buy it in the form of fresh loaf, in cubes, or in sachets, dry, but also in powder. But this yeast is also available on the market in capsules or tablets, in reactive or active form: you can also find it online, ideal not only for nutrition but also as a supplement for heart, intestine and liver health! Choose the product that's right for you by letting yourself be inspired by the best review!

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Dry or fresh? Which yeast to use

Used as a supplement, fresh brewer's yeast would not bring any benefit, on the contrary, due to its fermentative action, it would cause unpleasant abdominal swelling! In dry form, however, the product is dehydrated, retaining vitamins, proteins, minerals and all its beneficial properties, excluding those that lead to fermentation. Dry brewer's yeast is rich in precious ingredients and essential nutrients such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, all B vitamins, amino acids and proteins. The composition of its nutrients helps us to be vital and is able to rapidly increase the immune defenses of our body, making us immediately feel stronger and more active.

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Brewer's yeast for your beauty

When we talk about yeast, we immediately think of a recipe, of freshly baked bread, of soft and delicious desserts, but its functionality does not end there. The uses of this substance, in fact, go beyond nutrition and also concern the care of our body. Let's find out all the benefits of brewer's yeast in the beauty field:

  • For strong and resistant nails
    As we pointed out earlier, brewer's yeast is rich in properties that have proven to be particularly useful for the health and beauty of nails, making them stronger, longer and healthier in a short time!
  • For shiny and strong hair
    This brewer's yeast is also widely used to improve the appearance of hair: thanks to the lysine, an amino acid contained within it, the yeast integrates keratin and collagen into the hair. It also slows down the fall and is very useful even in case of brittle hair. Try it: you will be able to show off a strong, splendid and voluminous hair ... in short, envious!
  • For healthy skin
    Another virtue of brewer's yeast is its ability to heal the skin, eliminating blemishes and regulating the natural sebum production of the epidermis.

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Brewer's yeast for your well-being

If you still don't know, brewer's yeast is good for your health. In fact, it is not only nails, skin and hair that benefit, but also the rest of our body. Here, then, why this yeast is one of the products that must never be missing in the kitchen and in our diet.

  • An aid for circulation
    Taking brewer's yeast helps fight cholesterol thanks to the presence of beta glucans. Brewer's yeast can help circulation and clear arteries by promoting the elimination of cholesterol and sugars.
  • It increases the immune defenses
    Brewer's yeast stimulates the immune defenses, and allows you to make your body stronger while also preventing seasonal ailments.
  • Eliminate fatigue
    Brewer's yeast gives you energy and loads and removes fatigue: for this reason it is very useful as a supplement in the change of seasons and in periods when you feel particularly tired and exhausted, without energy. This is also because brewer's yeast has important properties and is able to increase the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin, counteracting anemia.
  • It cleanses the liver and intestines
    In fact, thanks to brewer's yeast you will be able to rebalance the bacterial flora and counteract digestive problems, such as constipation and bloating, which can appear in periods of greater stress. Brewer's yeast performs a purifying function of all our vital organs!

If you also want to take a brewer's yeast-based supplement, remember to always ask your doctor for an opinion, who will be able to advise you in your choice and suggest any contraindications.

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Brewer's yeast for sports enthusiasts

The characteristics and benefits of brewer's yeast make it a food particularly suitable for those who practice sports because it is able to replenish energy, making the metabolism more active. It is by virtue of this that those who train constantly should consider taking a supplement based on brewer's yeast (always consulting your doctor first).

How to use dry yeast

Dry brewer's yeast can be used in powder or tablet form. The tablet form is practical and convenient because it can be taken anywhere and without special preparations. It is usually taken in the morning, with a nice glass of water for about a month with six-month breaks.If you prefer, you can also opt for baking powder (there are also flakes and flakes) which can be sprinkled on food or added to foods in place of salt (beware, however, that the flavor is changed, so make sure you like it!). Alternatively, you can consume it by adding it to yogurt or milk (never too hot). Brewer's yeast has few contraindications and is a completely natural substance. However, it should not be taken for example if you are intolerant to yeast, sourdough or sourdough. To be avoided absolutely if you suffer from frequent episodes of candida or if you have problems with fungi, such as mycosis.

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