Leo ascendant gemini: the characteristics of this sign

Leo is an astrological figure that represents energy within the zodiac, however if it is associated with the ascendant in Gemini, its birth chart is affected by the influence of this air sign. On the one hand, Gemini accentuates the aspect. sociable of those born in Leo, on the other hand they make them more cunning and elusive. This is how their representatives are and what affinity they have with others. Did you know that each one has an anti-stress agent? Watch it in the video!

The characteristics of the zodiac sign of Leo

The zodiac sign of Leo is dominated by the Sun and like this star it expresses energy, passion, warmth and joie de vivre. Leos are very strong and enterprising people who love to be at the center of attention but cannot bear to be contradicted: they are extremely self-confident and not at all shy. And one of the zodiac signs that in his horoscope he will not fail to find a way to express his own personality Even the famous astrologer Paolo Fox speaks of Leo as a charismatic, strong and courageous sign.

In love, those born under the sign of Leo never give up and love to conquer their partner with sensational and sweet gestures: they love without sparing themselves and live their feelings with the obstinacy that distinguishes them. They can, however, be jealous and possessive. if they sense that their mate is looking elsewhere. In the family they love the intimate atmosphere of the house (just like Taurus, Aries and Virgo), yet they tend to dominate even in this situation.

At work, Leos are born leaders: very energetic and charismatic, they work a lot and do not spare themselves, which is why they are adored by superiors and colleagues. Sometimes, however, their centralizing nature leads them to be overconfident and leave no room for others. In the workplace they agree with the sign of Pisces which mitigates their impetuousness, with Sagittarius (which accentuates the sense of justice) and with Cancer, more shy and reserved.

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How are Leo born with Gemini ascendant

The horoscope of the astrological sign of Leo with the associated Gemini ascendant is full of successes. In this case, in fact, the ascendant of air enhances the characteristics of Leo especially in the social sphere: those born under this sign are lively, astute and fascinating. Their character is dynamic, mobile and, as Paolo Fox also says, very curious. , ironic and with an open mind.

In love, the Leo ascendant Gemini is passionate, sensual and lively, however sometimes even a little naughty. Unlike other ascendants (such as Leo, Sagittarius and Taurus), the Gemelii ascendant leads to being unfaithful and a little liar. In the work this type of birth chart finds its fullest expression in occupations in contact with people because Leo and Gemini are both two zodiac signs who love to communicate and talk.

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The negative sides of the Leo ascendant Gemini are a tendency to live life in a conflicting and disordered way because the "air ascendant" distracts the Leo from being loyal and faithful as it would be of pure nature. Especially in love the horoscope of this. marks highlights a problem of insecurity and infidelity towards the partner because the Gemini nature leads to take advantage of the opportunities without taking care to remain firm to their principles.

For this reason, his love life can be complicated and unbalanced. Generally Leo ascendant Gemini does not get along with Virgo (too monotonous), Capricorn (too traditional) and Scorpio. It has a good affinity with Libra, Aries and Aquarius.

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The characteristics of the Gemini ascendant

Who has the ascendant in Gemini is generally a person who loves the intellectual life and analyzes every situation well to look for convenience. He has a great ease of communication in fact he loves to talk and have many friends. One of the main characteristics of the Gemini ascendant is the curiosity associated with sociability, however, does not like routine and monotony.

Aries Gemini ascendant
Aries with this ascendant are curious, strong and decidedly unconventional people. In this case, Aries loses stubbornness and gains intellectual curiosity.

Taurus ascendant Gemini
Taurus with Gemini rising are less stable than the pure sign and accept changes more easily.

Gemini ascendant Gemini
This sign is a born actor: he loves to communicate and be at the center of attention.

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Gemini ascendant
Humor is the hallmark of this sign. Comedians and actors are often Gemini ascendants because they are uninhibited and ironic people.

Virgo Gemini ascendant
Gemini makes Virgo less precise and more lively - a great combination.

Libra ascending Gemini
Libra softens and loses the air of a teacher because Gemini brings sympathy.

Gemini Ascendant Scorpio
These Scorpios are more cheerful and less serious: the Gemini makes them laugh more!

Gemini Ascendant Sagittarius
Gemini makes Sagittarius less naive and more worldly.

Capricorn ascendant Gemini
Capricorn becomes less heavy and more anti-conformist.

Gemini Ascendant Aquarius
Aquarius with the air ascendant are excellent communicators but somewhat unreliable

Pisces Gemini ascendant
Pisces with this birth chart become a restless and provocative sign.

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