Vengaboys, Eiffel '65, Aqua: the bands of the 90s that will make you take a dip in the past

Spice Girls

In a list of 90s bands, the Girl Band par excellence cannot be missing. And yes, it is true, they are back together for an album, but we want them all back together as in the golden days, to return to adolescents.

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Destiny's Child

Beyoncé now prefers the solo singing life, although she has definitely pleased Destiny "s Child fans with some impromptu performances like last year's SuperBowl ... * nostalgic sigh *

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Believe it or not, they too have tried over and over to make a comeback, but with little success. The last attempt saw the 5ive become four, as J did not want to participate in the reunion. Obviously if they are not all it is not valid, so for us the reunion never really happened.

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The 90's dance has killed everyone's eardrums: children, teenagers and especially mothers and fathers forced to put up with the bass. One of the successful bands, whose songs are unforgettable (unfortunately) are certainly them.

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If I say Aqua, the first song that will come to your mind is surely the one dedicated to the famous Mattel doll, the beloved and adored Barbie. What more is there to say? Ah yes, "Come on Barbie, let" s go party! "

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Eiffel 65

Together with the Vengaboys, we cannot fail to mention the Eiffel "65, who dominated the dance charts of the 90s with hits such as Blue And Move Your Body. Unforgettable.

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B * Witched

What about them? Do you remember them? Although they sang the chorus in French, B * Witched was an Irish band, which reached the top of the charts (here in Italy, at a time), thanks to the single below. Too bad they then disappeared, but on the other hand ... c "est la vie!

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They were more r & b / pop than dance, but they were undoubtedly part of the Italian charts for several weeks (or could even be months). Two songs that led them to success, Cleopatra "s Theme, who kept repeating "Cleopatra, comin atcha!" (which was the title of the album) e Life ain "t easy.

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In this case there is nothing more to say, except: "Mmmbop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop Ba du bop, ba duba dop, Ba du ... yeah!"

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Yes yes we know, they are back on stage too recently, but you want to put singles like No Matter What, Baby Can I Hold You or Father And Son? A whole "other story.

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All Saints

The All Saints have been at the top of the charts for a few months, thanks to singles like Under The Bridge, Black Coffee And Pure Shores - which was part of The Beach soundtrack with Leonardo DiCaprio - but their best known (and sung) single was definitely Never Ever.

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A bit like Cleopatra, TLC was more of an R&B trio than dance / pop. Their most famous song? No Scrubs, which was the 2nd most successful single of 1999.

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They too lasted relatively shortly. The German duo B.O.N, which stood for Band Ohne Namen (unnamed band, nda) climbs the charts thanks to the song Boys. And if you don't remember the video, the advice is to immediately click play ...

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Big Brovaz

If we told you Nu Flow, would you immediately know what song we're talking about? No? Impossible!

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No Doubt

The legendary Gwen Stefani has undoubtedly rode the wave of solo success, but there are some songs she sang in the days of No Doubt that we will never forget. And indeed, we would like to hear her sing again today, in 2014.

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* NSync

Last, but certainly not least, * NSync, the boyband led by Justin Timberlake who drove girls all over the world crazy, with their hyper pop and dance music that made you want to dance like there was no tomorrow.

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What other groups would you like to return to the limelight? Which ones have we forgotten? Give your contribution! Leave a comment below and let us know which 90s bands you would like back in the spotlight!

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