Phrases with a birthday effect: the best aphorisms to wish the birthday boy happy

Each of us loves to feel celebrated and celebrated on the day of the birthday, but it is often difficult not to use the usual phrases to wish happy birthday, falling into banality. These effective phrases will allow you to make the best birthday wishes ever and it will be impossible not to make the birthday boy smile! Remember, in addition to the aphorisms you will use, copying or personalizing them, that the best gifts are the ones made by hand! following you will find an "idea that you can accompany your good wishes."

Birthday effect phrases

The day of the birthday is one of the most awaited by children, in fermentation for the entire previous period waiting for the gifts to be unwrapped with joy. As the years pass, however, a certain elation remains: birthday is always a day of expectation and celebration. In the hope that these prospects will not be disappointed, it is the task of those who love the birthday boy to take care of them and be at the height of their wishes for the day. Whether through a thought, a gift or a simple greeting card, paper or via WhatsApp and message, the way to make someone feel special on their birthday is always there: here you will find a series of powerful phrases to wish a happy birthday!

Birthday wishes for you to have a wonderful day!

Birthday greetings to a wise person, who knows how to make me think but who has never clipped the wings of my imagination and my enthusiasm!
Happy birthday so that these moments are unforgettable.

Birthday greetings to those who never give up on helping out when they can!

Happy birthday to the best person I know.

How to make truly original birthday wishes? I hope you just need to know that mine are really made with the heart!

Birthday greetings to those who are able to change a day with a simple smile.

Unforgettable birthday wishes, because you always remember our friendship.

The photo of another birthday is added to the memory album. I wish you that life holds only good memories for you. Best wishes!

I do not wish you to have so much wisdom and to know more than others: I wish you to know how to learn more every day and to benefit from every situation you will encounter.

Happy birthday: if you weren't born the world would be a less welcoming place. Best wishes!

Carrying the years well does not mean not feeling their weight but giving them the right weight. Happy birthday!

Wishes are a new beginning, it's time to give life to new projects with new purposes. Look ahead with courage. You are a special person, may you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year.

These wishes are for you who gleefully grow old without ever changing… with all my heart, Happy Birthday!

The most sincere birthday wishes to you who are one of the most important people in my life!

I can't help but wish you a birthday, we've been through too many together!

Happy birthday to you who transform every moment of your life into a little masterpiece!

These wishes are for you who gleefully grow old without ever changing ... with all my heart, happy birthday!

Forget the past, look forward to the future and the best things that are yet to come!

Birthday wishes for an unforgettable day, to be spent strictly with whoever you want.

Birthday greetings are never enough, mine are added to the avalanche that has certainly already arrived.

Sincere birthday wishes to those who over time have become my North Star!

Spatial birthday greetings to those who have always shared my every crazy project.

Birthday effect phrases

Phrases of "birthday effect for a" friend

When one of your closest friends turns the birthday, the desire to give a special wish is even greater. If you can't find the right words, but you already have a gift and a nice greeting card, all that's missing is a happy birthday message! Friendship is a precious and rare gift, it must be preserved and nurtured not only with jokes and fun, but also with expressions of affection, to make it clear that the good that binds you is sincere and real! Choose one of these phrases to wish good birthday to your friend or your friend who has a birthday and make him feel important!

Happy birthday my dear friend, nobody loves you more than I do!

Happy birthday to the friend I always keep close to my heart.

Best wishes to the best friend in the world, always unbeatable!
On each of your birthdays, I wonder if you will be able to blow out all the candles, this year there are really too many and so I thought of a gift that you will certainly appreciate: a watering can. Happy birthday my friend!

Happy birthday to my dearest friend, every year lived as a friend has been a unique gift!

My thoughts fly to you every day, but today more than ever: happy birthday my friend!

Best wishes are for you who are the best friend of all!
One more year, more friends! Happy birthday!
Years pass, but best friends remain. All time.

Wishes for a special day, may all your wishes come true!

I can't find the right word to tell you how much I love you and how special your birthday is for me too.

My birthday wish is that you never stop looking forward to the future, to the best things that are yet to come! Congratulations!

Happy birthday wishes to you with whom I share every joy and every success!

Forget the past, look forward to the future and the best things that are yet to come! Happy Birthday!

Age does not count the wrinkles you have! Count the positive sides and the wonderful experiences you have had. You are not wrong! Congratulations!

Lots of birthday wishes, blow out your candles and make your wish.

Birthday greetings, no matter how many there are but how you lived them!

Congratulations on having more experience, I don't know what you have learned this year, but every experience, good or bad, has made us the people we are today! Happy Birthday!

Best wishes to those who have always been close to me since the first day we met.

My dear friend another year has passed, but unfortunately this does not mean that you have become wiser. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday wishes sweet and irreplaceable friend.

An exciting day awaits the most VIP birthday girl of the year. Greetings my friend! May it be a happy and peaceful birthday!

Happy birthday to the best friend in the world: you are the other half of the apple!

Birthday effect phrases

Romantic birthday effect phrases

Your sweetheart's birthday is undoubtedly a memorable event, in which you too have a duty to help make your person feel special and loved. A smile, a look, a kiss are essential gestures of love, but on this day a gift and a thought is a must, as well as an effective phrase to wish a happy birthday in an original but still romantic way. Choose one of these phrases and feel free to reuse and customize them to make them more yours!

Always be as special as you always have been! Happy Birthday!

Always celebrate the age you feel, not the one you represent! Happy birthday, love!

Let the number of years you have lived not be a reminder of your age, but consider it a medal of all your past of your unrepeatable life experience! Happy birthday, love!

My love I would have liked to wish you in a special way and with unique words, but I have little imagination and so I let my heart speak ... Best wishes for a happy birthday my love!

Happy birthday my love, this day is all for you.

Birthday greetings to my sweetest love.

Love, health, joy, happiness, accomplishments and satisfactions are only a small thing compared to what awaits you! Happy birthday.

Birthday greetings to you who have transformed the meaning of the word love.

Happy birthday to the man I love most every day!

I would like these words to come to life by themselves, I would like them slowly to rise on your face to gently caress you and wake you up with a kiss to start this fantastic day. Happy birthday my darling!

These wishes are for you who gleefully grow old without ever changing… with all my heart, Best wishes for a happy birthday!

It really took a long time to become as young as you are now! Happy Birthday!

Greetings to the person around whom my world revolves.

Happy birthday my love, here is a unique day in which to feel happy because ... you are there!

My love, many happy birthday wishes, always stay in my life!

May it be a unique day for you, I hope to make it even more beautiful, indeed, unforgettable!

A day full of love, a day of your own! Best wishes love.

What a lucky day you were born, every day I think about it and smile, my love!

I hope you can spend this birthday in the best possible way, but for next year ... I wish you to have a day that is twice as good!

I wish you life like mathematics by multiplying love, subtracting pain, dividing joy, adding pleasures!

Today more than yesterday and tomorrow even more: I will always love you, my little one, best wishes!

My love, make these days we live together special and I can't help but remind you today how much I love you!

Happy birthday to the woman who made my life unique and amazing.

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