A study reveals: there are 4 types of couples! And you, what couple are you?

Each relationship is special especially because each relationship is a story in itself. The University of Illinois, however, has confirmed that couples can be traced back to 4 major profiles based on their peculiarities.

The study was conducted on 400 couples who were asked how they felt in their relationship and if they were ready to take the plunge. For 9 months they were accompanied by Professor Brian Ogolsky and his team: here are the results!

Type 1: The Harmony Romance Couples

Percentage of couples interviewed: 30%

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Harmony, idyll and unity - these are the keywords of couples of this type. The first person plural always comes before the singular one, no one makes decisions without consulting the other and weekends are spent on the sofa between cuddles and homemade desserts.

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Type 2: Social couples

Percentage of couples interviewed: 20%

Partners and friends at the same time. This type of couple is based on real networks of friends, you go out a lot and mutual friends help to distance themselves from each other. The partner is not seen as the total but as part of it: it is a fundamental component of our life but ... that's not all!

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Type 3: Drama lovers

Percentage of couples interviewed: 35%

There is never anything that works and the drama is always around the corner: this couple, in general, does not have a long life. Talking only about your problems is not beneficial and the same goes for relying only on the negative sides ... Try to smile more and life will smile at you!

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Type 4: The roller coaster

Percentage of couples interviewed: 15%

"I love you, then I hate you, then I love you, then I hate you ..." and then?
Stability is not part of their DNA, two hot temperaments together can only create one "explosion after the other". This is not a couple who complains a lot, just ... don't stay close to them when they are fighting!

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The winner is...

The couple that has the most chance of growing old together is obviously the first but it is all about data: do not give up and continue to build your happiness!

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