7 ways to feel beautiful every day

Let's face it: being perfect is impossible. None of us can feel at our best from when the alarm goes off in the morning to when we come home exhausted in the evening.
Of course perfection is unattainable but is it possible to feel beautiful every day, all day?

Yup! Indeed it is! And it's certainly not a question of skin care and make-up, diets and butt sculpted in marble.
beauty is a real state of mind. Here are 7 steps to learn to feel beautiful, it takes very little to feel good about yourself every day and consequently feel fitter.
Here are some mirror exercises to get you started:

1. Smile

It seems obvious, but a smile lights up the face and also the day. Smiling more will help you, in the long run, to acquire a correct position and feel more sensual thanks to improved posture.
Also, if you smile at the people you meet, they will smile at you, which will instill a good dose of self-esteem.
I mean, after all you've spent at the dentist for perfect teeth, why not show them?

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2.Dress up (as you want)

Does white get fat? Does the midi skirt shorten? Is that fuchsia sweater too bright?
It does not matter! You have to wear what makes you feel good and makes you feel in a good mood.
Absolutely banned shoes and uncomfortable clothes or all the "maybe if I lose a couple of kilos" in your closet. Feeling uncomfortable with what you are wearing (too long, wide, tight, short) will never make you feel good. So if you sometimes fear being too elegant or too sporty, remember that you must dress respecting your style, your body but above all comfort!

3. Make yourself beautiful

And no, it doesn't necessarily mean putting on a lot of makeup and wearing a heel 12.
Making yourself beautiful means pampering yourself. Getting ready to go out but also for an evening at home on the sofa. Make a mask, scrub, nourishing hair pack or maybe a simple manicure. Take a hot bath and take a few minutes to relax, perhaps lighting scented candles. When you manage to carve out time for yourself, you will be more relaxed, cared for and consequently more beautiful. Give it a go!

4. Award Winners

You achieved an important goal at work, or you helped your children study and they got a good grade. Maybe you managed to lose a few pounds or gave up on compulsive shopping for a while?
Then it's time to give yourself a treat. A nice treat, a sommelier course, that jacket you've been looking at for a while. "You always deserve an extra cuddle! And if there are no successes to celebrate, treat yourself to a consolation prize! We bet you'll feel better?

5. Log out

It has become practically impossible to be offline. In study, work and even in social life and information.
Technology, when used correctly, is a super good thing. But every now and then it is necessary to do a detox.
If you're having a hard time, or have low self-esteem lately, disconnect.
Remember that on social media we tend to show (and inflate a little ") the best of our lives, as if it were a competition, with the result of giving a" rosy and perfect image of their lives. Following the successes of others will distract you from your life by fueling a sense of negativity!

6. Get moving

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Training, running, dancing or simply giving up the means and the lift works! Physical activity undeniably puts us in a good mood.
And of course, both the quality of sleep and physical fitness will benefit. You will feel stronger and toned and guess what? More beautiful!

7. Love yourself

You must have heard it a thousand times. But it really is the most effective beauty treatment. Love yourself and let others love you. Reward your successes and embrace your weaknesses. Stop chasing only goals and live in the moment, look back and remember you've come this far. Tired, tried, disappointed but still you made it. You survived and you are beautiful.

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