Honeymoon: guide on how to choose the best destination

If you are wondering how to choose the best honeymoon destination, know that there is no foolproof method. However, there may be guidelines that will allow you to live the dream of a lifetime with your partner. Knowing your passions, common dreams and the limits you want to reach is the fundamental requirement. The rest is done by the imagination and the desire to leave.

When to go for the honeymoon

There is no ideal period for the honeymoon. The suggestion I give most often is to leave immediately, the day after the wedding, when the emotion is combined with the desire to finally be alone. It is therefore essential that the destination be the ideal union of desires and period. Choosing a destination that is out of season can be a good idea, both to save money and to enjoy a more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. High season and the chaos that follow can hardly be combined with a romantic holiday.

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Understanding your and hers desires

A journey undertaken as a couple is always the synthesis of multiple desires and aspirations. Some people love big cities, others love nature or the sea. The honeymoon can be dedicated to relaxation, after the stress of preparing for marriage, or to discovering something new and exotic. As this is typically a two-week journey, some of these elements can often be combined. A trip to the United States, for example, can allow you to visit some large cities and, with a minimum of movement, enjoy beautiful beaches or large natural parks.

The ideal destination for a honeymoon

The perfect destination is one that takes into account your personality and that of your partner. Asian countries, such as Thailand, offer a lot to those looking for beauty, nature and the sea, especially in places less known to mass tourism. Europe is a good compromise between the desire to discover and, perhaps, the fear of taking long flights. In this case you can evaluate the idea of ​​an itinerant holiday, exploring well-known regions, such as the Loire, or less noble but enchanting. like the coasts of the Black Sea. Even Canada, in summer, can offer enchanting and relaxing scenery.

Away from stress

Avoid big resorts or crowded destinations. If you are not looking for a holiday full of nightlife, they are not for you. And it is equally important not to overdo it. An itinerant honeymoon, to combine several elements in a single beautiful experience, can become stressful if the planned stages are too many. and the time spent traveling exceeds that dedicated to oneself. Honeymoon is an opportunity to live a dream together. Choosing, for example, romantic Bed and Breakfasts instead of large hotels, can be a starting point to treasure.

Know your limits

A simple but well-organized honeymoon is better than the frantic search for noble destinations out of our reach. Careful considerations on the period and the destination can allow you a fabulous holiday even with a limited budget. What matters is you, your partner and your dreams.

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